What am I entitled to???

Soooo first off NO renters insurance (yes bad but I will now be getting it for the future) but have been told it wouldn’t help me unless my items where damaged.

My situation: The upstairs tenants of my apartment has had flooding for months and well my ceiling caved in and in multiple spots leaving me to mop water up for 2 hrs and have my home ripped apart.

I was asked to leave premise for 3 days well demo happened and now will be living only in my room with a mini fridge microwave for 4 to 6 weeks.

No access to the rest of my house room ,kitchen,and my laundry room.

They aren’t offering me anything and saying there insurance won’t cover anything ,maybe 200 bucks
I had to get my ex husband to take care of my child on my time cause he sure can’t be here when I’m not living correctly.


What I am entitled too?? I called the tenancy act and they said it’s up to me to go to the table and work it out with them ??? But I have no idea what to do for??? Help.



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  1. Michael Orr Michael Orr says:

    There is a reason renter’s insurance exists. You just found out why. Welcome to the big league.

  2. You aren’t entitled to anything. Should have had insurance.

  3. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    If you had tenants insurance, it would have covered your loss. Your policy would have contained an endorsement called ALE (additional living expense) if you had to vacate the premises. If the tenants have tenants insurance, there is coverage for your loss. But since you dont have tenants insurance, it is up to you to do the leg work to collect.

  4. Tenant Insurance would only cover damages to your stuff. As far as I understand, it if your rental is unlivable (and it sounds like it), the landlord has to provide you with other living arrangements as long as it takes (for everyone in family, so for us that would include our pets). But contact landlord/tenant board for more information.

  5. The upstairs tenant caused the flood, their insuranc3 should pay for your damages including alternate living arrangements during the repairs.

  6. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    Depending on their policy, the damages of the upstairs tenant may not even be covered because a leak that has been ongoing is considered “seepage” which isn’t covered through most policies. Nor is the resulting damage. It also depends if the policy is all risks or comprehensive and what the limits are.

  7. Sabrina Bree Sabrina Bree says:

    Had this recently happen to a friend only it was his apartment that flooded into the other tenants. He had to cover her stay in a hotel for the 2 months it took to fix her suite and had to replace all her damaged items. Luckily he had tenant insurance.

  8. Mari Scott Mari Scott says:

    call the red crss

  9. Vanna Brule Vanna Brule says:

    Did you post this on Reddit in legal advice? I swear to god unread this somewhere else.

  10. Kenna Leslie Kenna Leslie says:

    Your tenants insurance, if you had it, would have paid for your accommodations while you were out of your apartment.

    Their insurance will not pay any of your expenses. However, they have to abide by minimum housing standards. Since they are not, call Alberta health services. They will likely deem your home temporarily uninhabitable and you should be able to break your lease, or the landlord will have to house you elsewhere.

    You may also have some recourse against the tenant above you, but only if they were negligent in some way. You can try to sue them in small claims for any of your out of pocket expenses.

  11. Call alberta works emergency line and ask them to put you up in a hotel

  12. Call the health inspector. If they cant provide minimum housing standards i believe they need to put you into a hotel.

  13. Alex Wolfe this sounds so familiar. To be completely honest. They will be pissed. But tell them your going to call Alberta health because they should be providing you with proper living quarters. It is their responsibility. But other than that. Not too much you can do. I’ve been in the exact sameeee situation and got fucked for it. Take pictures of absolutely everything every day. Anything that changes document. Saved me life taking pictures of everything!

  14. If your landlord can’t provide you with legally livable unit, which you’ve already paid rent for, they either have the option of returning your rent or providing you with a place like a hotel or something similar. Their structure is not your responsibility, tenant insurance for renters only covers damage to your things.

  15. Tamara Marie Tamara Marie says:

    This has nothing to do with rental insurance your landlord needs to provide you with another unit or give your rent back.

    If her lease says she is paying 1400 for the unit and she’s not even able to live in the unit then she needs to be reimbursed. The only thing insurance would do it cover loss and damaged items

  16. If you don’t have access to your entire apartment or all areas explained in your lease for extended period of time then they are breaking the terms of the lease agreement. Did they tell you why it’s taking so long or why it hasn’t been finished? You can call the health board and have them come in. If the apartment is unliveable or it’s unsafe the health inspector will give the landlord a letter containing everything that needs to be done, with a date of expectation to be finished. They have to comply with what the health inspector says or the apartment will be condemned! You must have a really shity landlord, to expect you and your child to live like that!

  17. That’s easy. Withhold rent. Health board! Why don’t you people know this stuff. Cmon!!!

  18. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    any decent landlord should give you free rent for 2 months!! I know that does not always happen – but, your home is NOT your home right now.


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