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What are YOUR thoughts on the new Stanley Milner library?.. Render vs. Reality

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this thing from the moment they released the artwork years ago, but now it’s looking even worse…

To me, this feels like a prison. It looks like a prison. I hope they exterior has a little more work coming its way, because if it ends up looking like these horizontal metal sheets of prison-like walls, then it’s a bust… :/ The shape is neat, but it takes more than form to create a beautiful structure.

Anyway, it’s better than what it used to look like, but that’s only because that building was built many’a years ago… This is being constructed today, and tomorrow…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the building. It’ll be wonderful when it’s finally back open; for those that used it anyway. This is an $84.5 million construction rebuild.



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  1. Rose says:

    They clearly missed the mark. Where are all the windows? This looks so boring and depressing. I’m not even sure color would save this new library.

  2. Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

    It’s awful. A total eye sore.

  3. have you been to prison? or seen one?

  4. King Donny says we have to reserve our opinion

  5. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    Ah hell it will blend in with the art gallery nicely…….hideous and RUCKING UGLY! Who comes up with these fucking designs!?

  6. Why are there so few windows? It looks like the new Edmonton Police Service Northwest Campus out by the Remand.

  7. Not my handiwork but someone fixed it.

  8. Looks like intergalactic assault weaponry.

  9. Terra Fleck Terra Fleck says:

    Can you get your money back because that’s just awful.

  10. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    They had to cut costs, they asked people to donate, had fundraisers…a lot of the people complaining didn’t even donate! .

  11. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    They had to cut costs, they asked people to donate, had fundraisers…a lot of the people complaining didn’t even donate! .

  12. It’s interesting to me that other branches are colourful and have bright colors on the exteriors. It’s just so dark and bland and uninviting.

  13. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    well, it is not complete yet. no comment until then.

  14. Lol well mmm guess some one decided to go a different way lol

  15. Victor Eff Victor Eff says:

    The rendering looks like a smashed up shipping container.

    Somebody was asleep at the wheel.

  16. In the rendering it looks like a cruise ship of a yacht. In the picture of the actual building it looks like a tank.

  17. Brent says:

    It very well could be a prison or detention center. The city has bowed to the UN globalists with the massive spending on the LRT and bike lanes, this could be another piece of the UN infrastructure project.

  18. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Stealth bomber went rogue?

  19. Original blueprints looked awesome but this NO!!

  20. Susanne Gale Susanne Gale says:

    Our Mayor just thinks his constituents like to complain in the summertime.

  21. Just refer to it as The Tank and go get your bary fix…..

  22. It looks brutal and severe. I’d feel more comfortable in a hospital.

  23. It’s cool and different and what does whining about it really accomplish anyway?!

  24. That doesn’t look like the rendition.

  25. Looks like a penal institution. Almost military. It certainly doesn’t look welcoming.

  26. Tracy Lynn Tracy Lynn says:

    Cant say that i care,honestly. Not an attractive building as is or as per the original plan

  27. It generates conversation so it will draw attention. It’s not terrible either but I guess people gotta bitch about something hey?!

  28. Terah Abel Terah Abel says:

    It looks like the ordered it off Wish

  29. It looks like a building in Superman 64.

  30. It looks like an outdated bunker or jail that needs to be torn down and modernized. The plans show a shiny modern window with lots of natural light that is aesthetically pleasing. This is a joke I can’t believe they paid 80 million dollars for such an eyesore.

  31. Charlie Echo Charlie Echo says:

    Easily the ugliest, space-aged or stealth hovercraft (James Bond) I have ever seen.

    The rendering was absolutely stunning and would have complimented the Square and City Hall.

    Heres what I think happened; they realized that all of that exposed glass was going to cost them way too much to heat and cool. Because EPCOR gouges on all utilities.

    Epic fail; eyesore status 1000%
    And who thought an ugly grey was a great idea in Churchill Square?!?!?

  32. Leo Mason Leo Mason says:

    Oh look, our tax dollar funded homeless nap zone.

  33. Wtf… how did they get it so wrong? And is this the view from the same intersection? Doesn’t look like it.

  34. Who cares,? Not the ones making the decisions…
    It’s not their money they are blowing out the door on useless ideas and personal legacy projects.

  35. Sigrun Jones Sigrun Jones says:

    Looks like debris in a war zone.

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