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What can we do?

Some of our lovely neighbours have motorcycles, most of them are completely courteous and fine to share a neighbourhood with. But there is one group, I assume at least one of them lives on our block, that have taken to ripping up and down a quiet residential street, revving up as loud as they possibly can. The numbers vary day to day, but I’ve seen up to 10 of them here so far. I am pretty sure I’ve heard it after bylaw hours, which is definitely not okay, but is there anything we can do if it’s daytime?

There are shift workers that have to sleep during the day, and kids in the neighbourhood that could be at risk of getting hit. I see many motorcyclists ride every single day that do not feel the nees to make that much noise in an otherwise quiet community.

Even if it’s not illegal, it’s rude af to be doing every couple hours, all day every day. And no, approaching and confronting a group of people who think this is perfectly alright to do, is NOT an option here. Other neighbours who have had interactions with the group have cautioned against it as they as, to put it gently, “not very sociable.”



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  1. Call the non emergency police number. There are decibel laws in place for motorcycles

  2. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Yup it’s to bad there’s is one asshat in the hood it’s to bad he is so insecure about his insufficient manhood that he has to prove to the whole neighbourhood that his little thing turned into a big loud pipe ,

  3. Penny Miller Penny Miller says:

    I called during the day and the police talked to the people….

  4. I have that problem but it is with a truck with a diesel and an aftermarket exhaust. I have actually seen the person out of my window purposely gun it, 2 am being the latest. I can hear him going down the hill, it is that loud. This isn’t just a diesel engine, this is him being a prick. It takes everything in me not to do something to his ride.

  5. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    I have that problem in my neighborhood as well. I love bikes but the ones that go by here all the time are loud and annoying.

  6. Myra Maines Myra Maines says:

    Itll be quiet in a couple of weeks when the snow flies.

  7. They won’t be riding much longer,winters coming

  8. Amber Morin Amber Morin says:

    By law. Get video footage, and call as often as possible, with as much evidence as possible. As we are approaching fall/ winter you will get a break, however the problem will continue again in the spring and fall.
    There are no “hours” for noise. If it’s unreasonable, you can call the city

  9. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    Those are little punks I’m embarrassed for ….. just go find him and tell him.
    Don’t ask just say how you feel

  10. It is unfortunate that they are not more considerate in your residential neighbourhood. A few bad apples spoil a pie.

  11. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    I agree with Alden. There IS a noise bylaw that does mention hours but ANYTHING that affects your right to peaceful enjoyment of your property like vehicle noise will be addressed by the city. Call Edmonton Police not bylaw enforcement- they will let you know how to file a complaint.

  12. trust me, if there was something you could do I would be telling you as a rider myself…but respect can only be taught in childhood….Unfortunately, all you could do, is take onna the children with you in hand…say, my son/daughter would like to look at your bike while it is turned off and quiet…is that alright?
    By their reaction, you will know…is this one of the testosterone fueled little boys that never grew up, and did not get the belt or wooden spoon enough as a child…or are they going to be respectful in front of my child….
    I truly wish you the best of luck!
    I myself, and anyone I choose to ride with has utmost respect for sound disturbance…..if we make the neighborhoods angry, all heck will break loose and create zero enjoyment for anyone…

  13. 1. There are no “bylaw hours”. Stop spreading that falsehood. Noise complaints can be called in at any hour of the day.
    2. Get video. If they are riding too fast, they should be fined.
    3. Its gonna snow any day now, this problem won’t last for much longer.

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