What did I do to deserve this

Don’t even know where to begin I’ve never felt so lost in my life. The last 5 years have been amazing until recently. I had beautiful children that I was privileged enough to stay home with. I was supposed to get married. We had a home. Blessed with steady employment. And then that all came crashing down. It started with mental and emotional abuse. Always telling me I’m lazy and I’ve gained to much weight and I’m a bad mother. When none of those were true. Then the blow ups started. He’d just get so mad and yell and scream and punch things. And then it got physical. To the point I feared for my life. Battered. Bruised. And mentally screwed. I’m not sure what I did for this to be okay. I went from having everything. To absolutely nothing. Soon to lose my place. No Christmas for the little blessings I created. And I have to learn to start over :’(



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  1. Starting over is not easy…but it’s a hell of alot easier than dealing with a bitch-ass dude. If you need help, ibm…I’ve been down that road, more than I care to admit. Women were made for this, look at your children & find your strength…its there.

  2. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    one step at a time

  3. This is never your fault. I went through this over 30 years ago. I handled it very quickly. I know this is very hard for some but trust me when I say the sooner the better. You and your children need to be safe. No booze, no drugs NOTHING gives a reason for you to be abused. Please get help for you and your children – that has to be your number one priority. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

  4. You are stronger than you think. There are a lot of people that stay and take the abuse because of the children. It takes courage to leave an abusive relationship. It will get better and you will have a great Christmas.

  5. Why would you say that now you have nothing?….You still have your children and you have your self-worth!! You’re one of the lucky ones….you get to start over and have a good life….many don’t get that chance. Good luck to you <3


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