What is a good price?

Hello – I am wondering roughly how much it costs to have an electrician come to my house.

I have a couple plug ins that don’t work and would like to add a few to a couple of rooms-just a few basic jobs.

Is it hourly pricing or by the job?




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  1. Ian Smith Ian Smith says:

    A Kijiji electrician would do this for $500 or less… To do it right you’ll need a company to get a permit from your municipality and arrange for an inspection (of the new recepticles)
    Probably $800

  2. Andrea Fink Andrea Fink says:

    My fiance is and electrician he says 110 plus materials.

  3. Honestly.. get your hands in there, I’ve always done little jobs like that, turn the breaker off and replace them. Nit hard at alllllll. You tube 🙂

  4. 2 hours and that includes drive time

  5. Depending on if they are apprenticing or fully licensed?

  6. If you have outlets that are not working it could indicate that there are issues beyond the outlet not working (something had to cause them to fail). Be prepared for some extra costs depending on what is found.

  7. I had Professional Electric do some work a couple of months ago. I was so impressed with Raj….he was thorough and explained everything he was doing. The price was extremely reasonable. I will continue to use this company in the furture. 🙂

  8. Brittany De Brittany De says:

    Chad Jason Olsen are you still looking for supplemental work?

  9. Pm me if you want to arrange a free consultation

  10. Paul Morris Paul Morris says:

    You can pm me. I’m a master

  11. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Send me a message, I know a good one.

  12. My outside plugins failed. These guys canme out. It was the plugin itself. Excellent to deal with. $75 an hour.

  13. Bradley do u know?!?

  14. Just pay the guy what he tells you to pay…. you can’t do it yourself so….. you have no choice lol


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