What is an appropriate thing to do?

I am the OP of the post “I know I did the right thing, but why do I feel bad?” where I was feeling guilty because I waited 27 minutes to call 911.

It appeared to me that nobody has been back to the house, so I was taking care of their cats the best I could, leaving food and fresh water for them. the yards in this complex are fenced in. Last night a I came across a young woman there and when she saw me I told her why I was there.

After a few minutes chatting about the cats, and a bit about what happened she asked me if I was the one who called the 911, I said yeah, and she ran up to me, gave me a huge hug and sounded like she was about to cry as she simply said thank you quite a few times, So I asked her in a tactful way what happened.

She was surprisingly open and straight forward about what happened. I think she just wanted an ear to listen to her.

It turns out she doesn’t live there, but was house sitting for the owners. A casual acquaintance of hers raped her. The initial comotion I heard was after the first time from the sounds of it, he raped her a second time. Eventually she got a knife and slashed him. It sounds like she got him good because she mentioned there was blood everywhere.


She doesn’t like going back to the house, but she checks in on the cats every now and then and said that’s why the kitchen window was left open. I told her if she ever needs help with the cats to let me or my wife know, unfortunately we can’t take the cats in; we have 4 of our own.

So onto my question for you all: My gut instinct is that I want to do something nice for her to remind her there is still good in this world, but I don’t want it to come across as a “congratulations for getting raped” gift. She appears to be late teens, more than half my age so I don’t want to give off a creepy old dude vibe. It doesn’t appear that she needs clothes or food, so clearly she has a home, either with her parents or is getting by on her own.

What is an appropriate thing to do here? I did tell her if she wants to talk, I pointed where my wife and I live and she can come by anytime; but I know she won’t. Am I best to just leave her be, or as my instinct wants to do offer her something, but even then, what would be appropriate?



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