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What resources are out there for men?

Looking for resources. I have been out of work for 8 years. My wife has AISH which covers her and our 2 kids. $1995 per month. It is not bad but I can’t find a job.

I had a child apprehended 12 years ago. It was based on a medical issue, someone reported that I can’t take care of my child after I left work for medical leave. But my friend took him in and I got my son back within 3 months however it is now on my Child Welfare Check that there was intervention and I have been denied jobs.

My friend became my wife but after she had cancer and now still in treatments, we need more money. She is sick all the time and can’t work. I am not allowed to work, my doctor won’t sign off. He barely signed off for me to drive close to home. I keep applying for jobs but I keep getting denied. I finally found one that includes driving seniors but got denied after child welfare check. I apply everywhere and it has been years.

I was referred to psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker. They all tell me to get AISH. I got denied and they said I can work or go to school. I never even finished high school and I tried going back and failed.

Most of my medication is not covered. Yes we have my wife’s AISH and child tax but after rent $1800 (house has been put for sale but it is handicap equipped for me now and moving would be impossibe). We tried renting but not getting anyone for $300 per room as we are in no bus area. Utilities, taxes. Kids in elementary school. I just need $800 or so to catch up on bills.

I can’t go to Income Support because my wife has aish. But we have no bed after ours broke. Barely working appliances. We are just really struggling to stretch money. We have seen budget places and nowhere to cut back.

No family alive anymore for us.



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  1. David Seguin David Seguin says:

    You could park a bus in the holes this story has.

  2. If aish denied you ( a lot of times they will at first) you need to ask for a review and explain further why you can’t work.

  3. If your Dr won’t sign off, get him to write u a letter for wish saying you’re unable to work.

  4. Some places will look past your record if you explain. Also why haven’t you guys applied with low income housing. Yes it’s a long wait, but you’d probably be in one by now. Just because you failed when you tried going back to school, you shouldn’t give up. Think positive and most schools have tutors to help.

  5. Kyle Bolt Kyle Bolt says:

    Wake up. Put on pants one leg at a time. Then go work hard. Repeat, enjoy fruits of hard work.

  6. Skip the dishes is great if you have a vehicle. You can easily make 1500-2000 a month if you work 3-4 hours everyday.

  7. Have your doctor write a letter so you can get medical disability (through Alberta works). Or get a job that doesn’t require a vulnerability sector check- restaurant, retail, etc. If all you need is $800 extra a month you should be able to find something for that. McDonald’s doesn’t require a vulnerable sector check.

  8. I can understand this as my husband has gone through similar. He has diabetes and for the last 5 years, the doctor would not let him work. He drove school bus (he left due to medical leave) and the required paperwork to return to work – the doctor would not sign it. So I am not sure what the situation is in this case, but my husband had to talk to the doctor every time, since he wouldn’t sign for him to return to work yet he couldn’t get any financial help since he was physically able to work ( in the legal sense). But doctors may err on side of caution and say they are not comfortable with saying “yes”.

    On that note, my husband had to get a Police Check and Child Welfare Check. He worked in security, school bus driver and even when he worked as a computer technician. Many places ask for those. So whether you like it or not, if there is anything at all on those checks, your employer will know.

    In this situation, you might have the best chance by asking employer first. Some (if knowing the situation) may not care about the past. This way you don’t spend time hoping for a job and being denied.
    You can appeal AISH but some people say it can take months or years.

  9. You have children and been unemployed for 8 years. You should be making it a “job” to look for work to help support your family. How do you think your life will look 8 years from now if you don’t make some big changes.

  10. Stucky Betty Stucky Betty says:

    Call the child welfare office and ask them to expunge your records or erase it. This is one of the reasons why some people cannot become foster parents as they used their past against them despite the fact they have changed or matured.

  11. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    timmies and mcdonalds always hire and they dont ask for record checks… i’m sorry but if a legal doctor won’t agree to you being on aish, then get off your ass and go do any job for now. 8 years? you want the easy life and this is prime why welfare and aish is so abused.

  12. 8 yrs and no doctor who supports your request for Aish? Time to go back to work buddy. And gind a job that doesnt do a child welfare check.Like you wouldn’t find a new doctor in that time.

  13. You should be able to get on hers this is wrong on so many levels your really can also contact your MLA AS THEY HELP WITH THIS KINDA STUFF GOD BLESS

  14. Keep trying for aish. They deny everyone at first. Don’t give up keep applying etc

  15. construction , janitorial work , lots of jobs out there

  16. If you haven’t made an appeal for the AISH denial, contact this place! As long as you do your part in getting the paperwork and the information for your appeal, your likelihood of success is much higher!

  17. Faye Segaran Faye Segaran says:

    What have you been doing for money for the past 8 yrs, why are you just asking for help now. If this Dr. Wont allow you to work but wont ‘sign off’ maybe you should seek another Dr. As for the incident with your child and the past, how is that even relevant on a job application or resume. That will never come up unless you do a vunerable sector check which is only rellevent in certain fields of employment so I don’t understand that bit. Best of luck.

  18. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    Also if you really can’t work but your dr won’t sign the form I’d find a new dr.

  19. Legal Aid, Edmonton Community Legal Services or Student Legal Services Civil and Family caould help you appeal an AISH decision and/or help you get the record of apprehension removed from your record.

  20. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    I would go to Alberta works and ask for the social worker and see what they can do.
    There is emploabilities that helps the disabled find jobs they can do.
    Don’t give up

  21. Leanne Mckay Leanne Mckay says:

    Children intervention services should have zero to do with obtaining work, unless you are applying for jobs where you work with a vulnerable population. If that’s the case, apply in a different industry. There are lots of jobs out there, if you are willing to work for minimum wage. $15/hour is tough, but, if your partner is on AISH, thst should keep your head afloat.
    Re-apply for AISH. Many ppl are denied initially, but approved upon appeal.
    Go to employabilities and see about resume building, job training, skill development. They even offer some work programs to get your foot in the door.

    There are options, none of which is easy. Good luck!

  22. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    appeal the aish decision they denied me first time as well with multiple physical issues saying they weren’t permanent appeal

  23. Can you qualify for AISH too? If your doctor won’t allow you to work, and you are in this situation i would hope you would qualify. I hope you can get some good advice.

  24. Amy Gibson Amy Gibson says:

    For one you don’t have to tell your jobs about any of this so it’s beyond me why you can not find work. This is an exercise why people can’t find work. If you blab your mouth about your personal life yes no one will hire you. Keep things quiet and go look for a job. Any one can get a job it’s just getting out. There to find one.

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