What the heck?

There’s an animal rescue group in Edmonton that regularly posts about how their bills are $30,000 or they owe vets $40,000, or most recently $70,000+ Yet they still take in animals, post all over offering to pay vet bills for the members of the public, all the while begging people to donate money or buy raffle tickets and bragging about how great of a group they are for saving soooooo many animals.

These vet clinics have bills to pay, the rest of us have bills to pay too. Maybe instead of continuing to add to their ridiculous debt they should focus on paying what they owe and be a little more responsible like some of the other local organizations.



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  1. Thank goodness for the kindness and generosity of all the amazing vet clinics who allow rescues to carry a debt. Because like the rescues, they care so much about all the animals who are in need and realize that it’s not something that can just be ignored.

    Both the rescues and their partner vet clinics are amazing contributors to our society and community.

    • Are you saying that if a vet allows a rescue to carry a debt than the rescue doesn’t respect them??
      Also some rescues help low income families a lot more than others and therefore the need for emergency treatments and care and higher expenses occur.
      Rescues are all different and are all doing amazing things for vulnerable animals. I will never bash ANY rescue for trying to make the world a better place.

    • Fundraising is hard for ALL rescues regardless of what level of debt they have.

    • Tara Sauer Tara Sauer says:

      They allow rescue’s to carry a debt, but some rescues don’t because we value and respect our Vet Partners. Them and their staff still have to get paid. The rescues that carry a $70,000+ debt… makes it VERY difficult for other rescues to get help and donations.

    • I would say that it’s up to the vet, not you Tara. If they are willing and capable of taking on the debt because perhaps someone within the clinic is on the volunteer board, etc, it’s up to them, not yourself to decide what is unacceptable. Any vet clinic could simply just say… apologies but all bills paid in full while others make arrangements for payment. Up to each clinic and I personally wouldn’t get my panties in a knot about how each clinic feels when I have no idea how they feel.

    • That’s an awfully rude thing to insinuate, Tara.

      Judging other rescues doesn’t help, we all have the same goal.

    • Tara Sauer Tara Sauer says:

      Oh please… I have been on the board of a rescue organization for years. I’m allowed to be frustrated that another rescue is giving the rest of us that work out asses off a bad name.

    • You’re frustrated over an anonymous Shoutout post with little to no information?

      Good work rises above. A post like this doesn’t change that.

  2. It’s easy to have opinions like this from the outside looking in.

    The fact is the need outweighs the resources available. It’s not like the debt was incurred by an uncontrollable hookers and blow addiction. It wasn’t even incurred by irresponsibility. It’s from HELPING animals and people.

    What do YOU do to help?

  3. Tara Sauer Tara Sauer says:

    I think I know which rescue this is in reference to and I agree. As someone that is involved with animal rescue I know that ours does not even come remotely close to having that sort of debt with any of our vet partners. These vets discount their rates considerably to help us and animals out, we feel that it’s irresponsible of us and it makes us look bad to not pay them on time. We work hard all year around to fundraise and then fundraise more and more and more when we have “special cases” While we all want to do what is best for animals and help as much as we can, there is still such a thing as being responsible. If the rescue I volunteered for buried themselves in that sort of debt and then called out other rescues for “not being as awesome as them” I would leave in a heartbeat and volunteer somewhere else.

    • Marie says:

      Nice reply (post) … Tara Sauer.
      You can see what the OP wrote… You have insight to the point the OP has made here, while others replying simply don’t get what they’ve read.

  4. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    Troll? Almost all rescues have vet bills. They have vets that work with them and often allow them to pay later. They aren’t going to let animals die because they have bills. They are donation run and doing great work. And thank God for them! My pup was a recuse who had to have her leg amputated and it was paid for with donations. If they had just let her die somewhere because they didn’t have the funds right that second we never would have been able to adopt her. Maybe instead of ranting you should be helping. Go make a donation to this rescue. Put up or shut up.

  5. Marie says:

    Hi OP, I for one am not immediately familiar with the animal rescue group you are referring to in your post. Quite possible though that whomever may be doing that/is up to that… it’s quite possible any or significant amounts of monies they in fact receive, may be going in to some body’s pockets and ‘NOT to the CAUSE.’
    That being said, I agree with the message in your post – and I would add/put out there, that this same message be meant for and apply to ALL of the other organizations (ALL of THEM) who post and/or mail out Donation requests of any kind whatsoever … period.
    IMHO, There are a VERY FEW organizations out there where monies received by them, actually goes to the cause portrayed.
    IMHO, There are MANY (MORE) organizations out there where monies received by them, actually goes to benefit eg.; CEOs and other Executives’ salaries/pocketbooks – with very little of those million$ they receive actually making its way to whatever the Cause portrayed.
    IMHO, and experience … There are many organizations out there that continue relentlessly to send regular mail outs crying/pleading for donations with stories and pictures in tow… many of which say they will match whatever it is you donate. To me, IMHO, this is purely and simply a gimmick – to prey upon those with true heart that give, those many people who believe every single sad story they read about.

    One only needs to do some research of their own to be able to see what’s what and be able to get the picture.

    There are organizations out there that have been notified in writing and/or by telephone as well – that the addressee to whom their mail is addressed, is deceased now and has been deceased for some time now …YET those mail-outs keep coming.
    Just imagine the dollars those organizations waste in postage and conveyancing costs, sending to deceased persons all over the country(ies). They waste, waste, waste people’s donation monies and they fill their fat pockets with Executive six & seven figure salaries!

    IMHO, One of the few organizations I am aware of, where I believe they use donated monies appropriately ‘for the cause’ … is the Salvation Army… and I would like to suggest that if anyone cares about where their donations actually go, and go to where they’re supposed to go? … Donate with heart, to the Salvation Army.

    Fill those bobbles in the shopping malls each Christmas!! … and walk away feeling good that you did.

    • Marie says:

      And just to be clear. I am not saying/never ever would say to not donate to animal rescue shelters or centers. I love animals and have had and cared for animals throughout my life. I love animals oftentimes more than many humans I have come to know.
      BUT to be clear: Do know who you’re donating to by doing your homework first regarding any facility or organization that is asking or pressing for donations.
      There are the valuable good ones out there … as well as the not so good ones as well.

  6. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    What’s the alternative? Letting the animals die?

  7. The poster must have hit cats with sticks as a kid.

  8. Sue Dubya Sue Dubya says:

    Just what kind of humanitarian are you? Animals can not fend for themselves, so we have amazing charities that help them. If you don’t want to help, that’s your business, but go take a long walk off of a short pier rather than putting your heartless rant on here or any other venue. Nobody needs or wants to hear about it. The majority of these places do a whole lot of fundraising to HELP pay for their bills. And how do you know that the vets don’t volunteer their time to these amazing organizations? Perhaps they only charge for tangible items!
    Just go find somewhere else to be a heartless jerk! We don’t need your kind around here!

  9. Jenn Brouwer Jenn Brouwer says:

    Wow what an asenine comment. I hope this was meant as a joke justto get a rise out of people. If you really feel that animals are expendable and shouldnt get help because it costs to much i would consider talking to a therapist, there is a word for those that can not feel empathy and that word is Sociopath.

  10. Probably wants them to end the food bank as well, as they are always running low and asking for donations.

  11. Lexci Krahn Lexci Krahn says:

    So? What’s it to you?

  12. What did i even just read…? How is it possible for someone to be so incredibly heartless? How about donating or volunteering for a rescue or even helping out the homeless instead of complaining that a rescue owes money.

  13. Don Bacha Don Bacha says:

    Just a Heartless uninformed comment

  14. I’d hazard a guess that a solid 99% of the people commenting on this post ARE NOT involved in rescue and/or have zero clue how it actually works.
    From the inside a $70,000 debt is obscene and irresponsible. What happens when they fold under the weight of that debt and all those well-meaning vets are out all that money? And then those vets stop helping rescues that pay their bills?
    And yes, before anyone jumps all over me, I have been on the board of directors for a rescue for 4.5 years.

  15. Stewart Hollings says:

    I see a lot of volunteers from one particular rescue (Zoe’s) commenting here, and I’m not at all surprised as that’s all I see them they do – attack. They’ve attacked other rescues, attacked former volunteers for their rescue (I know 4 of these people), and they’ve attacked some of my neighbors on Facebook. They’ve even been so ungrateful that they’ve attacked Edmonton Animal Care and Control. This is shameful and irresponsible behavior at its ugliest.

    That particular rescue owes one single vet $40,000 and they have skipped out on that debt. I take my 3 dogs to that vet, and they’ve said the rescue is cut off from all services until the bill is fully paid. But instead of paying, that rescue’s volunteers posted nasty reviews on the vet’s Facebook page and just signed up with another vet and ran up a new tab. And to other rescues besides that one, they’re in debt over $35,000 and it’s still going up.

    Yet for the 1 1/2 years my friend volunteered for that rescue, he showed me posts on their private page that said they took in $18,000 to $22,000 every month in donations. He was actually pretty proud to be a volunteer till he found out their debt load, too. It went from “we owe $30,000” to “we owe $40,000” to “we owe $62,000” and now they owe more than $75,000.

    So when a rescue is constantly fundraising and pulling in $20,000 a month on average, how can they justify owing $75,000+ to vets?

    Simple – they can’t. Something simply doesn’t add up as someone posted above. She got a new asshole torn for her for stating her views. I probably will but I don’t give a shit, because I saw how bad their trolls hurt some of my friends.

    But that’s the Social Justice Warrior team of Zoe’s trolls for you. Give them the slightest hint that you’re criticizing them and they go into full batshit-crazy attack mode. (Thanks for not disappointing, Zoe’s keyboard trolls and their Head Troll Rebecca!).

    If this were a regular business instead of a rescue it would be in bankruptcy by now. And if a regular person owed that much without making payment, the credit collectors would have seized their house by now. And other rescues I know and donate to don’t even have a fraction of that debt – they pay their vet bills regularly.

    Incidentally, the areas around their “target community” are getting more and more stray dogs lately. (I live near Carvel, which is close.). It’s at the point where several local farmers are shooting them. So they’re not making a difference as they claim, even though they helped arrange a spay/neuter clinic in 2016.

    So how do you know if a Zoe’s volunteer is lying? Easy – either their lips are moving or their fingers are typing.


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