Whats up with these sign boards?

Is the property market going to turn around?



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  1. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Depends on where you are. In demand central areas are still good… still expensive to buy… easy to find renters… nicer places I see put up a for sale sign and sometime later get sold. Not as much room to bargain as before either. Last condo purchase recently, I got 3800 off. Last April I was able to go down 11000. Statistically, properties values have went up on average overall. So it feels like people have more money than before, or consumer/investor confidence has returned a bit.

    On the outskirts it’s a buyers market… lots of properties to pick.

    Rents also suck lately. Haven’t bounced back since oil crashed. In fact feel they’re even lower lately, but I don’t have concrete statistics. Good for renters (well, not really as when the whole market goes down, you’re probably making not as much as you like from work…), bad if you own.

  2. I doubt it. There’s so many new buildings and infills still being built. Net population inflows are on a steady decline. Some large projects like the Redwater refinery are coming to an end this fall. Mortgage funding particularly with Oaken (HCG) and EQ Bank (EQB) has gotten more expensive in the past month and could affect marginal buyers and owners when it comes to financing.

  3. Stanley John Stanley John says:

    This is the photo that was meant to be uploaded


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