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What’s your favorite Edmonton event to attend every year?

I was just wondering what everyone’s favorite local event was. Your all-time favorite Edmonton (or St. Albert or Sherwood Park) even to attend. The one you look forward to most.

Also, why? I’d love to see what kinds of things you’re all into and maybe get some ideas.

Thank you! 🙂



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  1. I love food, so it would definitely be taste of Edmonton!!! The next would be the Fringe

  2. Dean Rogal Dean Rogal says:

    Fringe because I can just walk around with my dog and see all the People’s reactions.

  3. The Edmonton Fringe Theatre

  4. Fringe and K Days. Fringe because of the street performers, vendors, inexpensive shows and vibe. Kdays because it’s a classic. The food, performances and rides.

  5. Street performers is pretty cool. Heritage days is amazing, you find out so much about our cultures in this country and lots of yummy food! Art walk is pretty cool, if you like art. Tons and tons but my personal fav is street performers or art walk.

  6. Heritage days like most of the commenters have been saying. Food, dancing and fun. Always a great time even if it is raining.

  7. Heritage Festival is still nice and pretty affordable.

  8. Heritage Festival and Street Performers Festival (which is on now)

  9. Ai Lee Ai Lee says:

    Heritage and taste of Edmonton

  10. Tylor Fox Tylor Fox says:

    The taste of edmonton

  11. Heritage fest! I swear i gain 20 lbs every year there.

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