Wheelchair battle rapper and M.C (master of ceremonies)

Hello anonymous I see your looking for disabled entertainers….Well I have great news for you, you FOUND THEM HERE, me and my friend have a hip hop crew called E.G.O and we are both disabled.

I personally am in a wheelchair for life due to a spinal cord injury, and my friend davin is mentally disabled, but we have been making a name for ourselves here in Edmonton A.B we are called E.G.O …

Here’s a lil more info on me…you probably wanna know why I have the signal cord injury and it’s because of the 1987 tornado here in Edmonton BLACK FRIDAY. I do rap battle for Smoked Out Battles in Edmonton. If you’d like to see some footage of that just go on YouTube and search

Smoked Out Battles WHEELZ. My records 1 win 1 lose.

And not only do I battle but I’m on my second mixtape now I did first 1 on my own and second 1 I created the E.G.O CREW and now made 1 mixtape with them called maximum pressure. Planning to get it on spotify this month.


Us at the E.G.O crew believe in helping people and so we have been involved with being the entertainment for fundraisers

And have been also involved in a P.S.A for (scars) SECOND CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE

I’d like to do a lot more such as Createmerchandise for our crew and many other things if you guys out here can help us out with anything you can it will benefit both our crew and you guys all while giving back to the city of Edmonton.



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  1. Hello! I am the poster of the original shoutout. Can you please send me a private message with your contact information?
    I am the Lead for an annual event that recognizes the efforts and achievements of individuals, groups, businesses, and programs that demonstrate full inclusion of people with disabilities through their work.
    I’m in the very early stages of sourcing local talent to possibly be showcased during this event. At this point I can’t promise any kind of compensation, but the exposure would be amazing!


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