Where can I appraise jewelry?

My tenant disappeared after 3 months of not paying rent and with a lot of damages.

While waiting for court, I fixed the damages out of my own money as I am trying to rent out again with no luck so far. Nobody replying to my ad 🙂

The tenant left 2 jewelry items. One is a bracelet and another is a pendant. Not gold or silver but not sure what they are.

Judge said I can sell them and put money towards owed damages.

Where is a good place to find out value?


Most jewelers only take gold/silver/diamonds.

And where can I sell/pawn these to get a fair price quickly.

Just to note – if I pay for appraisal, and they are not worth much, I cannot add these to tenant costs so coming out of my pocket. Tenant is gone from Canada and not returning.



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  1. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Just go to every pawn shop on stony plain road….. there’s like at least a dozen or more….

  2. There’s a little place called Heart to Heart Jeweller in Beverly, right on118ave and maybe 40st. Ask the gentleman if the jewellery has any value, if so get them appraised. If not, then at least you know.

  3. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    With Edmonton Facebook Pages logic. $2. If you got a half bottle of shampoo and worn bra with that, $3. Buyer sells again for $5. If someone else steals your sale by offering $2.50, bitch to the page admin.

  4. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    Not gold not silver?! What’s left?
    Lead, steel?
    I’ve only been able to sell gold. Not even silver..
    so if they’re neither of those I don’t hold hope for sale

  5. Tricia Lyn Tricia Lyn says:

    If they are worth anything, don’t sell to a Pawnshop as they all go by weight. You’ll get more selling privately.

  6. just take it Cash Canada to get it checked. if it’s not gold or silver then the jewels on it wont be real. They will tell you what metals it is etc.

  7. If they’re not gold or silver and no real gemstones, I wouldn’t waste my time or money. Even gold jewelry is really worth nothing to try and sell it back to a jeweler or to pawn it. Trust me, I know this for a fact. You might get a couple of bucks at a garage sale

  8. I have wondered about these myself. My grandmother had some jewelry like rubies, emeralds…so they are expensive and real gemstones. She got them from someone who was sure they mean nothing. So do not discount what looks to be cheap or useless


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