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Where to Donate Used Beauty Products/Toiletries?(2019)

I am cleaning house and have a number of used products – Shampoos, lotions, make-up, body washes etc. Half used or barely used. I know there are a number of places that will take them such as Suite Yourself. But i’m finding that everywhere i’ve looked they aren’t taking any either because they don’t have enough volunteers to go through them all, or they have too much.

Does anyone know if any organisation is currently taking these items? I really do not want to add to any waste, especially when they can be of use to someone in need.



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  1. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    Used shouldn’t Beauty products should be sent or used by anyone else they’re dirty and it’s not sanitary

  2. Most places take un-opened only because of liability.

  3. Most food banks and missions will take them

  4. Put them in a used purse and give them to a homeless lady, along with some personal products and water.

  5. Brooklyn’s Backpacks for the Homeless

  6. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    SMILE – Edmonton will take them, they are always looking for donations of this nature. Teresa Mara

  7. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    the bissell center

  8. The blessings project

  9. Ali Leung Ali Leung says:

    Also check your stuff for expiration etc

  10. Hope mission on Sunday eves!

  11. Always try the bissel center and the mustard seed !

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