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I’m currently signed up with just energy for gas and electric and after comparing Bill’s with some family and friends I realized I’m paying way more than I should be. I’m thinking about switching to Atco as they have the best rates right now. Does anyone have any reviews or suggestions on who to go with? Thanks (my current bill with just energy was almost $280 for 1 month!, we have 2 adults and 2 small children living in a newer duplex)


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  1. Tom Edward Tom Edward says:

    Get away from just energy ASAP

  2. I’ve always found it cheaper just to go without a contract.

  3. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    I pay 80 with just energy in a condo lol. My advice to to unplug things when you’re not using them

  4. 4 bedroom duplex about $290 depending. We also run 2 window air conditioning and a hot tub

  5. I don’t have reviews for Atco but I’m with Encor by Epcor and I’m in a townhouse (mind you I have people on either side) and I’m paying about $270 during the winter for water/gas/power everything. Mind you there’s only 2 of us here. When my brother was here the bills were around $300 per month.

  6. I currently work with a company that has been in business for 26 years. We offer gas & electricity as well as other essential services. You can also make money off these services. if you are interested please let me know

  7. Joan Parker Joan Parker says:

    All of Direct Energy’s call centers are off shore, they don’t support the Canadian economy. I am with Enmax for gas & electricity. $225 average in winter for 2000 sq. ft home.

  8. If Atco Energy is still signing people up at the 3 cent rate for electricity, definitely go for it. It increases your gas bill a little, but the price change is minimal so the money you’ll save on electricity(currently somewhere around 3.8 cents/kWh) is worth it. Definitely check it out and see if they’re still offering that. We noticed a huge savings.

  9. We pay $300 per month for gas, electric, water, and garbage. Gas is with direct energy and Epcor for everything else. Family of six.

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