White privilege

How many of you truly believe racism don’t exist or too blind to see it?

How many people? We all preach equality and raising the standard of living. Yet we can’t even respect our neighbors or even the native that were here first.

Where is the respect? If Edmonton shootout even acknowledeged this statement which they probably won’t who knows.

Cowards everywhere. Same cowards want lower taxes, higher living wages, better futures for our children but fail to notice the beat down we constantly get from out government and economy.

We choose to blame others and put ourselves on some sort of pedestal like we are superior.


We are not, we are human being deprived of our natural ways. We are beat down into a system which we must comply. We are slaves whether we know it or not.



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  1. No such thing/phrase as white privilege, just like Islamophobia….all words/ideas to divide Canada!!

  2. Marie Krista Marie Krista says:

    Really!!!!! I am First Nations…..just thought I’d mention that first. Who cares who was here first were all here now let’s try to get along and treat EVERYONE with respect we’re all the same under neath. We may have different views, ideas, religion but we are all the same.

  3. Jeff Gorski Jeff Gorski says:

    It’ll continue being a thing if it’s constantly being brought up. #letITgo

  4. White privilege is a thing of the past, a good example is diversity hires

  5. Marie Krista Marie Krista says:

    Also allow me to add I have experienced “ stereotype” different then racism in my opinion it typically call it narrow minded when I’m treated as a stereo type. That’s my 2 cents.

  6. Sandra Wells Sandra Wells says:

    I can’t even believe that this is even a topic in our Canada! I have resentment against those that choose to not contribute, that is a total problem for me! I have had a lot of suffering in my life, yet I pick up my life and go! I could probably throw al sorts of lawsuits out there! My abusers are long gone in this world’ after all I was a very young teenager! Just my sad experience in life! Note…,. I doin okay? Through hard work and perseverance!

  7. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    Get over the we were here first thing. You can’t move forward if you are constantly clinging to the past.

  8. Mel Maurice Mel Maurice says:

    OP does have a point though. Racism is alive and well in Canada.

  9. White privilege is very much alive still.

    For those of you that don’t think white privilege is a thing watch this video.


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