Who is the jerk?

The other day I was driving on the QEII in the slow lane. I was coming up to my intended exit in two exits. The highway was somewhat busy, but not unbearable. As I passed by the off ramp before my exit, there was another vehicle needing to enter onto the highway. I had no space to move over. The dickhead in the SUV started merging onto the highway right beside me, bullying me out of the way. I sped up a little bit so he wouldn’t hit me! I was already doing about 113-115! As he entered the highway behind me, the dickhead turned on his siren. Turns out he’s a cop! Scared the everloving crap out of me. He didn’t want to pull me over, though! He pulled into the middle lane, sped up until he was right beside me and gave me the universal “WTF” gesture!

That’s my question…WTF! Yeah, I know if I’m able to, I should move over to allow people to merge, if I can. But, isn’t it also the responsibility of the person merging to adjust their speed to merge safely at the speed of the vehicles traveling on the roadway? Was this guy just being a dick because he’s a cop? I’ve never seen anyone act like such an asshat!

What’s your take?



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  1. That merging area for people getting on the highway should be off limits for drivers already on the highway trying to get over.

  2. AW Smith AW Smith says:

    It’s a shared responsibility but….

  3. Debbie Venne Debbie Venne says:

    The cop should have sped up or slowed down to get into the flow of traffic. If there were no gaps then sure make room but otherwise the merge needs to get with the flow.

  4. This is why I believe driving lessons should be mandatory

  5. Merging is a joint effort. You should always move out of the merge lane period. You re the jerk, if you can’t lane change on the Q. Don’t drive on it

  6. Pam Newcombe Pam Newcombe says:

    You are supposed to slow down to allow him room to merge in front of you if there’s no room. Your a dangerous driver please go to defensive driving classes….

  7. IF it actually happened as you described, he is a jerk, and he is a criminal

  8. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    Just make it common practice to move to the middle lane if you know a merge is coming up. Problem solved, plan ahead. Works for me every time.

    • Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

      Was exiting. Perhaps you should make it common practice to read….

    • Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

      Traci Grams I can read thanks. Based on what you wrote, you weren’t exiting yet and clearly relayed another was trying to merge prior to your exit. You had an opportunity to slow down to anticipate the SUV safely merging.

      You asked who’s the jerk, you made a jerk move.

  9. Kathy Arndt Kathy Arndt says:

    The person merging should be doing the speed limit (in this case, 110kph) by the time they get to the end of the merge ramp. It is YOUR job to 1)speed up, 2) slow down and let them in, or 3) change lanes to get out of the way.

    If the other person has a yield sign, it is THEIR job to slow down or stop until it is safe to enter. ]

  10. Kevin Lee Kevin Lee says:

    Get the hell out of the way. I hate when people sit in that lane and pretend like nobody’s trying to merge. And come on let’s be honest I’ve never seen anyone do 113 in the slow lane I drive that hwy all the time it’s a joke everyone’s doing 80-100 in that lane. If you see someone merging and you can’t get over just slow down or speed up be courteous.

  11. Tim LaRush Tim LaRush says:

    They need refresher courses every 5-10 years, that applies to everyone that uses the road

  12. You’re surprised that a cop was a stupid asshole? It may also surprise you to know that water is a liquid at room temperature.

  13. It’s the responsibility of both people. Your responsibility is to either move over if you can, or adjust your speed (slower or faster) to create a gap in traffic large enough for the merging vehicle to fit into. And their responsibility is to fit into that gap that you created by adjusting their speed appropriately. Keeping in mind that they need to merge in at the speed limit, you are supposed to get out of the way and let them do that.

    A merge is not a yield.

  14. Maja Black I dont doubt it. I had 1 do the same to me on the henday (I wasnt even closing in on a merge lane as I watched him merge behind another vehicle, and then into the far left lane I was in behind me and flip his lights on. He continued up the henday with his lights flashing, so who knows). Perhaps they got a call and had to go. Random calls do come in. OP doesnt state whether “dickhead” left his siren or lights on after the incident)

  15. Mrk Pellerin Mrk Pellerin says:

    Alberta Driver’s Guide, “is a shared responsibility between the vehicles joining the roadway and the vehicles already on the roadway.”

  16. lucky it wasn’t me I have the right away i would of pushed you out of that lane

    • Sara Cross Sara Cross says:

      Basil Yacyshyn WRONG. Read the frigging manual like wtf dude

    • WRONG you don’t have the right away. You don’t push your way through, you blend in. You pushing in is just being a jackass like the cop.
      Merging requires that you time your approach and smoothly
      blend in with the other traffic. This may require adjusting your
      speed so that, when you reach the end of the acceleration
      lane, you have a gap in the traffic, which will permit you to
      enter the flow of traffic safely. Your entry into that flow should
      be at, or near, the speed of the other traffic.

    • Kevin Lee Kevin Lee says:

      Basil Yacyshyn that’s awesome I feel the same way.

    • Sara Cross Sara Cross says:

      Kevin Lee guess you and Basil should both go read the damn manual. Wow, the stupidity is astounding.

  17. people that are merging have the right away

  18. Too bad you couldn’t grab the vehicle number or licence plate and call in on him. Dangerous maneuvering unnecessarily, then road rage finger to boot.

  19. Bobbie-Lynn Pruden maybe people need to read this!!!!

  20. He should of sped up in a short time and didn’t and nvm he has a vehicle that can do it lol. The people saying it’s your fault are bad drivers

  21. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    You’re the jerk lmao vehicles merging you need to let in. Not speed up or not let them in. Think you should go back and read the rules of driving

  22. Your problem is there is no such thing as a slow lane, the posted speed limit is for all lanes

  23. I would have given them the finger right back

  24. You were in the wrong, you need to make room for anyone who’s coming on. Slow down or speed up.

  25. Jojo Bicks Jojo Bicks says:

    Merging is both parties responsibility. Meaning YOU and the person wanting to merge. Jesus, don’t know your basic traffic laws, stay off the road lady!

  26. Jeremy Dines Jeremy Dines says:

    The merging vehicle should be going FASTER than the traffic they are entering. You are not required to slow down, in fact that is a stupid idea.

  27. Lana Almaeva Lana Almaeva says:

    I think you are both jerks. And no one is a jerk. Either one of you could have sped up or slowed down. But you guys just couldn’t co ordinate. Which is fine, shit happens, everything worked out in the end. No one is a really a jerk for this. I do however feel that his siren/wtf reaction and your complaint here are the jerky parts. I hope you can put this incident out of your mind and focus on something better and happier in you life. Shit happens, it is how you react to it that makes or breaks your day.

  28. Sorry but some Police are just “D”. Just saying.

  29. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    There is no such a thing as SLOW LANE !
    Perhaps it’s you who was too slow.
    Go with the flow
    ….and if you are getting onto the highway, the ramp is long for a reason, match the speed on the highway.

  30. Liz Murphy Liz Murphy says:

    If you have issues like that you are the problem. Slow down or speed up but for god sakes let them in. Do not play chicken, do not play I was here first. Or move over.

  31. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    I doubt he turned his siren on, the times and duration every time they use is is recorded, and they have to justify each use.

    • Maja Black I dont doubt it. I had 1 do the same to me on the henday (I wasnt even closing in on a merge lane as I watched him merge behind another vehicle, and then into the far left lane I was in behind me and flip his lights on. He continued up the henday with his lights flashing, so who knows). Perhaps they got a call and had to go. Random calls do come in. OP doesnt state whether “dickhead” left his siren or lights on after the incident)

  32. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    You are 100% correct. The cop was in the wrong.

  33. It sounds like you’re kind of a dick who won’t slow down to allow people to merge that is the problem with our roadways nowadays everybody feels they have the right away and will not let anybody in in case it slows them down by a second share the road

  34. Niki Ginter Niki Ginter says:

    There’s actually no law stating that you are required to move over. It’s courteous to either slow down, speed up or move over. But it is not a law. Sounds like someone was having a bad day!

  35. Jessica Xu Jessica Xu says:

    I think you should stay off the QEII if you drive like that.

    • Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

      Jessica Xu why? They did nothing wrong, nothing unsafe. Sounds like you fail to understand how to merge into the flow of traffic. Perhaps a refresher course at an accredited driving school would be beneficial to you…

    • Jeremy Dines Jeremy Dines says:

      You miss the part where they were still doing 100? Sped up to 115? How much faster should they have been going?

    • Pretty sure it’s 110 there.

    • Jessica Xu Jessica Xu says:

      QEII is basically all 110.
      Flow of traffic is around 120 even on the right lane with the long haul trucks.
      Also, as you drive you should be scanning what’s ahead of you. If the driver had done that this could have been prevented.
      Always plan ahead when driving.

      P.S. I didn’t get a single infraction on my advanced road test so that may say something beneficial.

    • Sue Weir Sue Weir says:

      Jeremy Dines no, the OP said he was already doing 113-115. He didn’t speed up to 115 to block the guy merging. The guy merging sped up by the looks of it!

    • Sue Weir Sue Weir says:

      Jessica Xu you’re right. But what about the guy merging. Shouldn’t he be planning ahead as you say? Why does he get a bye in your books? Why shouldn’t he gauge the speed of the moving traffic and merge appropriately BEHIND the driver? Why do you say the OP is at fault?

  36. Stopped paying attention once you used the word “dickhead”. At that point, your story becomes biased and one-sided, like most of these posts. I’m sure this is EXACTLY how the scenario went …

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