Who’da thunk it?

After months (6 months min.) of trying to get the new landlord to make the property function/resemble a modicum of North American, minimal standards, I was forced to contact AH&S. The lady, that came to do the inspection, let’s call her Jane, to keep her employment safe 😉 Was a pleasant lady & was really rather kind in making me feel comfortable & showing her concern, above what I assume, to be in her job description.

However, what I wasn’t expecting was what she did at the end of the inspection. When she turned to me & said…. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge…. I’m putting your file at the bottom of the pile, allowing you to give your “notice” & hopefully, enough time, to find a new place. As I highly urge you to do so! B/c , as you went on to say…if the L.L. is like this now, he’s surely to be even more pleasant, after I contact him. 😉

Well Jane. I can’t begin to tell you just how much you have done for me & what you have done in restoring my faith in human kind. The last place, as experience has shown me, that I would have expected to see anything, somewhat resembling humanity, would not have be in a Government &/or official position. And even though I haven’t found that “needle in a hay stack” &/or person looking for an opportunity to “pay it forward” yet, although technically, I think they find you, right? 😉 lol & I have no idea how this recent plot twist in my life will turn out, (no doubt it will be as interesting/adventuresome as it might be scary.)

I wanted you to know, that the kindness you showed to me, will definitely be one of the things, I will Always remember & be grateful for. It will inspire me at times, to remember that, there really are, good ppl out there still! So from the bottom of my heart, Jane 😉 Thank You!



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  1. Susan Csapo Susan Csapo says:

    Michael can help immensely..

  2. I would suggest sending “Jane”, an email and thanking her for her help and advice. It doesn’t have to be specific and it doesn’t have to mention the “nudge nudge, wink wink”.
    As a provincial employee, and trust me there are many of us who let our humanity shine through, we try the best we can to help navigate complex and sometimes ridiculous systems. It’s always nice getting feedback from a happy client. You never know just how much your email might mean to her.

    • Melissa Mac Melissa Mac says:

      I 100% agree. I also work in the gov public service area and a simple note from clients would brighten the darkest of days.
      Good on her

  3. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Sadly, providing housing needs to become a legislated service with an educational system to graduate. Govt needs to regulate and inspect all housing to guarantee standards. The standards need to be raised to include mould and other toxic issues that can affect health and much more. Bad housing and landlords only make it harder for the good ones and impact our housing shortages and neighbourhood values.

  4. Steven Owen Steven Owen says:

    about time we see a positive post and not someone complaining about doctors lol

  5. It feels so bad to be at the bottom but yet there are bottoms lower than yours. What would we tell people who are in those pits to keep climbing and not to give up. Support is always necessary and sometimes it just takes longer to get through the weeds to find the flowers. Two idiots do not make Society and the Government. Good Luck on your Journey

  6. I gave my new landlord 6 months, filing Monday AM, cause I’m received Illegal request to move out, (so he can find another sucker) after AHB became involved. I am prepared and ready, journal, pictures witness, texts..and all I wanted was windows that don’t blow out in a storm and put back in with duct tape! Yes, my windows are duct taped in, after I unscrewed the inside window out,(when winter ended) the bathroom window wasn’t even there, just a small pane, that was stuffed with a towel and plastic over, downstairs bedroom windows are built in the wall, they don’t open, therefore Illegal bedroom, I was told my daughter can not be down there, so, she’s been on the couch for months. Can you imagine my winter in here! Even with plastic on all, we still slept with toques, robes and sock and still froze, the furnace broke down 3x and then tells me just get heaters, it’s June and I’m still trying to catch up winter heating bills. All this after fleeing another slum lord too… I found 4 places and wanted to move, but he won’t give me my DD. I was so desperate to get away from last landlord, I didn’t expect this place to fall apart so bad within the first month and he blamed me, my neighbors told me this house sat empty for 10 years and all he did was put lipstick and mascara on it. The furnace filter was so old, I haven’t seen those filters since I was a kid, and packed solid with dust, both sides,now I seen why me and my children got deathly Ill right away. There is so much more to tell. Sorry to rant on your post, but I wanted to put this out there, fight, fight for your rights! Cause as PAYING TENANTS, WE HAVE RIGHTS!


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