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Why am I being followed/stalked all over town?

I’m getting really sick of being followed, stalked and basically tormented every night and day. I don’t know what or who or why these people are so obsessed with making my life so mentally exhausting. Its holding me back from basically everything. Its preventing me from doing basically anything productive becasue I am constantly on “high alert” all of the time. I get no time to relax, sleep or even get anything accomplished that I’ve been having to do.

Some guy on the bus the other day saw that I was in distress and asked me about it, after telling him briefly what I’ve been dealing with; he tells me that there is a big group of people in the city who work together to rid the community of people that are putting a strain on “the system” especially drug addicts. He said that they have been the ones who have been causing the fentanyl overdoses and you are lucky if that’s the way they get you. Normally they do it in a much viscous manner. He said the police, fire fighters, bus drivers, taxi drivers and alot of city workers are apart of it and offer all the support they need to accomplish there goals. He basically said that it sounds as though it might be them who I’m being Persued by.

Any thoughts, people?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    ya its a real thing and when you talk about it people think your crazy . i too am a victim of gangstalking . as far as i can figure by peoples reaction is tgat horrible things gave been made up about me and people feed off that. i too would like to start a support group

  2. I support you says:

    What you are dealing with is called Gangstalking and you are a Targeted Individual. Like buddy said to you on the bus is very true.
    I am a victim myself. I was unaware of Gangstalking until I meet up with a lady I met once and told her about my situation and she said that sounds like Gangstalking.
    I said what is that? And she told me I would have to do my own research on it because she didn’t want me to look at her like she was off the wall crazy.
    I did just that and there is only one lady in B.C. that advocates for Gangstalking and Targeted Individuals in Canada.
    I’ve been trying to get a support group started here in Edmonton but this whole covid thing has made it hard for me to organize and advocate about it. Just hang in there and whatever you do know that there are people that you haven’t met yet that love you because we are all beautiful in God’s eye’s.
    So stay strong and keep a ear open for a support group hopefully by the beginning of fall.

  3. Free advice says:

    1) never take public transit in Edmonton; you will waste a good 33% of your conscious life trying to reach a destination to accomplish something.
    2) don’t listen to 99% of people in Edmonton; especially people on Edmonton public transit.
    3) you are: a) paranoid; b) a person of interest for something or someone, legit reason; or c) you are a random (wrong) target for something or someone. A, b, and c all have different approaches.