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Why do stupid people pretend to be intellectuals?

Does lying to oneself actually work? Do stupid people actually think people can’t see right through them? Are stupid people oblivious to their own ignorance?

Just asking all the stupid people out there! I would ask stupid this to their faces but I still prefer ignoring stupid people and letting them continue on as were instead of triggering them into angry, non-sensical response which I would also ignore.



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  1. Art says:

    Which camp are you in? The smart intellectual camp or the stupid people intellectual camp? I find that the more “educated” people are, the more they tend to be easily deceived by govt and other other authoritarian officials. Take, for example, the mask mandate. Those that are “professional” people say that we should be listening to the medical “professionals”. But those smart people can’t see that the medical professionals are just being politicians and politicians lie.

    • AhDarDarDarYeehaw says:

      I’m struggling to understand what any of that means. Please refer to the original post for my comments. Bye!

      • Art says:

        I guess I know what camp you fall into!!

      • ArtTheFart says:

        Art, you seem to be the genius who sees in black and white; you have the universe figured out – tell me what “camp” I belong to. there’s only two camps according to your findings so even guessing or pulling a camp out of hat you have a 50% chance being right.

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