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Why does Tim Hortons keep messing up my pumpkin spice latte?

I love this season. Love pumpkin anything. I don’t mean to sound like those white bitches who bitch and complain about their PSL but I guess I am that bitch today.

2/4 times they’ve ripped me off. First time was at the Tim Hortons in Beaumont. I usually order a PSL without whip topping. So I ordered that and got charged for it but when I took a sip, I realized that it was a regular nasty lattee. It ruined my day. I had to throw it out.

Today, I went to the Tim Hortons in Tamarack. Same thing, charged me $4 but I got a regular coffee instead with a little bit of foam. I don’t understand why not just tell me that they don’t have it yet or whatever instead of lying and giving me something nasty. I had to throw it out again because that was not what I wanted. I know what a PSL tastes like, trust me and that wasn’t it.

So please, if you work at Tim Hortons, please do something about this or even when someone ordered 2 cream 1 sugar or 1 cream 2 sugars or whatever the drink may be, slow down, think, and give them the right order.

Sincerely, a very frustrated customer.



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  1. Nico Kent Nico Kent says:

    Wait wait… “those white bitches”??? Wtf does your ignorant racism have to do with the welfare version of a pumpkin spice latte?

  2. Don’t go to Tim’s to get a PSL, that crap is not a PSL, go to Starbucks like a reasonable person

  3. Tim hortons never gets anything right and their cream tastes sour a lot

  4. Becki Kehler Becki Kehler says:

    First world problems.

    You do know that you have the option to bring it back and have them Re-make it… right?

  5. Nothing says pretentious bitch than pumpkin spice latte. Be glad they didn’t spit in it.

  6. This was supposed to be a PSL from Mickie dees but it tasted burnt and there was no spice. And look how “full” it was. I wasted a free coffee on this.

  7. Your first mistake is goong to Tim Hortons for a latte. They push a button on a machine like what you could do at home with a keurig. If you want realy coffee you should literally go ANYWHERE but Tim hortons. You drink timmys, you deserve crap

  8. Timmies always screws up orders too it’s like they don’t wanna listen even if the love new are small, 8out of ten times they get something wrong

  9. Ellie Marie Ellie Marie says:

    Tim’s isn’t for pumpkin spice lattes. If you want a real psl and it made correctly, go to second cup or Starbucks

  10. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    Ughh yeah I hear you. I like their breakfast sandwich, sausage on a biscuit with tomato added…I always get charged for the tomato, but like 7 times out of 10, they forget to put it on and I have to go back.

  11. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    you could always taste it before leaving Tim Hortons, and ask them to replace it with what you actually ordered. Maybe slow down and take the time to do that.

  12. Larry Larry Larry Larry says:

    Maybe get out of your car and walk in…and tell them…how do they know there is a mistake unless you point it out…if they arent told as far as they know…your order was 100% correct..

  13. We always order iced coffee with no liquid sugar… So many times it comes with sugar, and we have learned to test it before driving off… This is at McDs

  14. Brad Rose Brad Rose says:

    Stop going to Tim Hortons? I hardly go there anymore because they fuck every single order up, it’s not just your latte haha.

  15. I ordered one a few days ago, got to work and it was a regular latte. I just won’t order from them anymore

  16. Your mistake was thinking Tim Horton’s still serves good coffee.

  17. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    Hahahaha you whiney idiot! People make mistakes and if your day is ruined by a drink then you’re a complete moron. Why don’t you try the drink or taste it and then get it exchanged if it’s wrong like a normal person or contact the store and they will replace it. Better yet, go get educated on how to make a latte and do it yourself instead of needing others to make you a drink and then bitching.

  18. Those are some serious first world problems.

  19. My first job was at a Tim Horton’s. We were consistently understaffed, and the turnover rate was unbelievable (if you made it to a year you were something of a veteran). The sheer volume of orders, the speed at which you’re expected to move, and several demanding, nasty customers can be overwhelming and disorienting. Consider that the people making your pumpkin spice latte might be overworked, stressed out, confused and/or brand new to the job. It is not an excuse to mess up an oder, but it is an explanation as to why it happened. So try a little patience, and politely ask for your drink to be made the way you ordered it. You’re getting what you need, being nice about it, and helping new and inexperienced people learn the proper practices along the way. And seriously, your faulty pumpkin spice latte ruined your DAY? If that’s your biggest day-ruiner, count your blessings, because it must be a very charmed life you’re living.

  20. When they screw up my orders and they have many times. I go right in, don’t bother talking to the person at the till but ask directly for the manager. If, that doesn’t help. Email directly to head office. Surprisedly, their is a new manager at my location and no wrong orders. Just saying

  21. Simple solution: go back to the server and ask for a better one. If it’s a constant thing at that location, talk to the manager.

  22. I have an issue with them too. I’m diabetic and they often give me sugar when I ask for sweetener. Not good for a diabetic. So I started ordering black, and add my own now.

  23. Go to Starbucks and all your problems will be solved. Have a true PSL and we will get your order right.

  24. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    Heyyyyy I’m that white bitch, and I’m offended!

  25. 2 choices…either make your own or when they mess up go back and nicely say hey this isnt what I ordered. Or check before leaving the window…

  26. I don’t get who and how and why people will go to Tim’s… Make your own at home… Think of the money you spend everyday and how much you can save every year…

  27. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    Just go to Starbucks and get a real one

  28. Noura Yaghi Noura Yaghi says:

    People in food service make mistakes too. If anyone dares to say they’ve never made a mistake at their job then they are a lying liar.
    Maybe you don’t have time to go back to get things corrected but you can call the store and share your concerns with the manager. I’ve done this with other drive thru places, they’ve often taken my name and phone number and told me there will be a free replacement item whenever I have time to come back, whether it is the same day or in a week.

  29. Like the time my teabags were in my husband’s coffee and my “tea” was water sugar and cream. I feel your pain.

  30. The solution is to make your own latte at home.

  31. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Because you’re an idiot going anywhere but Starbucks for that?

  32. Becki Kehler Becki Kehler says:

    First world problems.

    You do know that you have the option to bring it back and have them Re-make it… right?

  33. Amy Gibson Amy Gibson says:

    The pumpkin spice latte is a normal latte now I get it it fast gross now lol

  34. Lisa Watkins Lisa Watkins says:

    And you’re surprised? They mess up everything. Apparently it’s extremely difficult to make a double double…but ya know…equal pay.

  35. Tim hortons is horrible. If you want good coffee go to McDonald’s. If you want a good latte go to Starbucks.

  36. Adam Ó Dubhsláine, if she ordered what she wanted and didn’t get what she ordered, it’s not even 1% her fault.

  37. I’m not saying you should start checking your drink before leaving to make sure it’s right… but… the fact that it happened 3 times and you did the same thing… this seems like its half your fault in a way lol.

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