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Why is FASD more prevelant than autism but gets less attention?

FASD affect more people than autism but gets less attention. Why is that? Your child might be on a spectrum but is it really autism? I know it is not an easy question to ask yourself but, for the benefit of your child, it is one that has to be asked.

Claiming your child has autism when he/she is afflicted with something else doesn’t do anyone any good. Ask yourself the hard question and be honest. “Is your child on the spectrum because of your behaviour during pregnancy?” The answer might make you cry. It did me. But then we were able to get the proper support for my child. One glass is all it may take.



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  1. TamaraM says:

    I used cocaine and drank lots when I was pregnant with my first son. A doctor made me feel stupid and guilty because I did. So what if he has FASD, ADHD, or Autism there just going to give him pills and blame me!!! A doctor made me feel stupid and guilty because I never got him his shots ever either. He finally got them at 4 it’s probably what gave him ADHD if he actually even has it. I’m not taking him to a doctor or glenross because he will be fine and teachers will teach him. Is there any benefits if your a single mom with other kids and he has those things? I just don’t want drugs or labels for him.

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