Winter blues?

Has anyone ever felt truly down for no reason?
I am normally a very positive person. Sometimes oddly too much so. I definitely don’t have a perfect life but I try to find the good and focus on that.
Normally I have winter break off and I spend time with my husband and children. Then I return to work with so much energy.
But this year I started work Jan 3 and it is an extreme push to get myself out of bed every morning. I have no energy at all. I even find I have low mood, I don’t want to leave home, I dread leaving. I am holding it in trying not to snap at my colleages, my family but it is so hard.
I am trying to figure out why and I have no clue.
I did see someone. She said try to have time for yourself. By the way I asked my husband to come with me so he would know how I feel. He is very understanding but I think he is getting frustrated because he doesn’t know what to do to “cheer me up” as he calls it.
After kids go to bed, he gives me at least an hour to have my time. I tried long bath, reading, even learning new things to give myself interest or motivation for something new and interesting. My husband even tried suggesting I buy something for myself like retail therapy. That’s not my thing plus we are low income. I got myself a nice body butter on sale but after I opened it, I couldn’t care less. I typically look forward to a long shower and some nice lotion but I really didn’t care. I just push myself because I can’t go to work with greasy hair or smelly body.
I help my kids with homework and try not to snap because I dread it.
Biggest thing is I have cooked half of when I usually do. My husband made dinner yesterday because I was pushing myself and still burned things so he helped. I don’t have an apetite either but again I push myself because we eat as a family.

I recently saw my doctor. My hormones, thyroid, vitamin levels haven’t changed. I am normally eating pretty healthy. I normally work out. I have never had such depressive feeling in my life. Yet I can’t figure out what made me suddenly feel that way. Winter blues? Yes I do see a therapist though I can only afford once a month at most and she said many people get winter blues. Except I never had them in my 40 years before. Every suggestion she had like alone time, family time, new hobby – not working.
I can’t take medication for reasons I won’t mention here except that I am not against antidepressants or any medical needs if needed but I am not able to have antidepressants because of a medical issue.
I need ideas to get out of that funk.
I am off today and I am sitting in my closet playing bejeweled game while waiting for laundry because I just don’t want to bother leaving home. Pathetic?


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20 Responses

  1. You may need to see a doctor who specializes in treating people with hormone imbalances just ask your family doctor for info to set up an appointment

  2. I bought my mom a sads lamp last year for Christmas she uses it all the time from September to March she really appreciates having it and says it makes a huge difference

  3. Ruth Wadley Ruth Wadley says:

    Did they check your iron levels? Are you experiencing other peri menopause symptoms? Could be a change in hormones. Have you lost someone or something recently? This sounds a lot like it could be grief as well.

  4. Daniie Hardy Daniie Hardy says:

    It seems like you’re fighting your feelings constantly. There’s all these suggestions to make you feel better. But don’t forget to let yourself feel bad. Cry it out. Accept the sadness. It’s OK to feel sad. Just don’t forget to wipe the tears away and be productive afterwards.
    Be sad.
    Cry it out.
    Do things for your family and for yourself after.
    And tell your husband that you’re feeling sad and don’t need him to make you happy, just want him to be there while you’re down.

  5. I really think you need to get some sort of meds. Not sure why you can’t but their is something you have to do. This will just get worse and worse. Please seek help

  6. All of these are good suggestions. Keep trying until you find what works for you. Do not give up. Keep asking questions, seeing your therapist and your family physician. I start each day with 3 things I am grateful for. Some times they are little things – sometimes they are big things. But it helps to start my day on a positive note.there is good in every day – it’s just hard to see it sometimes.

  7. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    You need Vitamin D asp! If that does not work go to see your doctor as something else might be affecting your mood.

  8. Melissa Bray Melissa Bray says:

    Vitamin D is amazing!! My grandpa swore by it. Made me take when I stayed with him. I always overdose on it in the winter. Just to keep a positive attitude on life. Best of luck on lifes journey

  9. Blue Monday, third Monday of every January, vitamin d deficiency combined with pile up of bills, #1 day for suicides. Dont fall into the winter blues.

  10. Sounfd like SAD to me – it can hit you at any age. You might ant to consider buying a SAD lamp (which are very reasonably priced these days). You use it every day, preferably at the start of the day. It takes a couple of weeks but it’s amazing how much better you will feel.

  11. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Vitamin D helps. As does sunlight! Either spend as much time as you can outside during the daytime or see if your health coverage will allow you a light therapy device. Costco had some inexpensive ones before Christmas. London Drugs and other pharmacies and health supply stores carry them too.

  12. Try vitamin D drops, & tanning. I know all the blah blah about tanning but in the winter these two things help me. Also get your thyroid rechecked!

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