Wipe Out on 149th

Today I headed to the store, and in this wonderful icy, cold weather I thought I’d be fine. I don’t have a proper coat (working on it) and don’t judge my situation is a little messed so I’m just getting by. It was only a couple blocks, literally like 3 there and 3 back. And I’m always careful as I have had some pretty nasty falls and today was one of them. Walking down the side road of 149th and I hear a car behind me. I turn my neck to check to see if I need to move over as there is no sidewalk on this side of the road and as I turned to look and see the car behind me is just parking I do the splits and come down full force on my hip, back and arm. I can tell you I’m feeling that fall now. But I lay on the ground for a couple minutes to let the pain subside and someone calls out to ask if I’m ok. It turns out to be a fireman, and he drives around to come help and another gentleman that saw me fall. The fireman is asking if I hit my head, and luckily this fall I didn’t. He helps me up and I say I’m ok, just gonna walk it off. Usually do.

I thank them for their help and continue on to the store, returning along the same route and see 2 cops cars drive down. As I get to the other side I continue walking and an ambulance pulls alongside of me and asked if I was ok. Someone had seen me fall and called an ambulance and then the cop cars pull up and sure enough they were looking for me too. Honestly I’m in a hell of alot of pain but it’s no different for me as I suffer from chronic pain and my tolerance is relatively high. I reassure everyone I am ok and then free to go. Then one cop as I was walking home asked if I needed a ride as it’s too cold out and how much farther I had to walk. I was only a block away at this moment so I reassured him I was really close and thank you again.
To the person who called in that I had fallen, Thank you! To the Fireman and the stranger who helped me up, Thank You! To the Ambulance and Police Officers who checked on me, Thank you! You all helped me and are never really given the credit you deserve for helping so many and going beyond your duties to make sure I got home ok. Above all else in the icy weather out there, be careful! Take the extra time to be careful, and stay warm Edmonton!



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