I was in a car accident on Wednesday 17th of January at 12.40pm on 75th street going north at approximately 81 Ave.

I was in the left turning lane going to turn onto 82 Avenue (whyte Ave) and I was sideswiped and ended up on the median by the driver who it would appear was texting at time and caused this accident. As both vehicles were able to be driven instead of calling the police who are very busy I drove to a police station to make my statement. It would appear that the driver who caused this accident filed a false police report.

The vehicles involved were a silver Dodge Grand Caravan and a black Toyota Corolla. Anyone who witnessed this accident please post a message here.



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  1. Damn! What an ass…..good luck, I hope someone comes forward

  2. Sandra Wells Sandra Wells says:

    Unfortunately there are far too many people on our roads not taking responsibility for their actions! I hope things work out for you! Good luck!

  3. Arnold Singh Arnold Singh says:

    Thomas Weir isn’t this the accident you vividly told me about!

  4. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    It sucks but without witness statements insurance will try to blame the fault 100% on you since you were making a left turn. Had the same issue twice and none of the witnesses were willing to step up and provide a statement (one was a ETS driver stopped)… “young guy VS. a poor young lady”. On the bright side insurance gave me a nice cheque. In theory whoever hit you can play with her/his phone, floor it, or be falling asleep and without a witness to prove that it’ll still be your fault. Even with one you may be reduced to partial fault as in their eyes the onus is on you to make sure it’s safe to make the turn. Time to get a dashcam

    • Not necessarily in this situation. They don’t say they made their left turn, just that they were in the left turn lane. Two totally different things.

    • Denise Purdy Denise Purdy says:

      Left turning vehicle has highest onus to complete the turn in safety. The damage in this case should support the driver was not actually turning left. Unfortunately with conflicting statements it most likely will go 50/50.
      Dash cameras are important.

    • Win Chan Win Chan says:

      Denise Purdy Yeah that happened to me… I was actually going straight when I was hit. The damage was to my left driver’s side, and car hit perpendicular to the direction the other vehicle was going. But again, no witnesses were willing to step up.

  5. Police reports are a joke anyway. I was in an accident in aug. Woman and I went to do reports together. She read hers out loud to me and the officer when she was done claiming full responsibility. 2 months later she claims it wad my fault, try and get the police report but they cant release it unless she gives permission. Think she will?? Nope that would be the right thing to do. So why bother with a 6 hr line up? Very frustrating.


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