Wood for fence

My husband and I are looking to build a new fence this spring/summer.

We would be doing everything ourselves so I’m just looking for recommendations on where to buy wood? Best deals? Best service?

Any info is appreciated!



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  1. Tania Brunet Tania Brunet says:

    We did our fence and deck the last two years. Both times we waited for Lowe’s to have a 15% off sale and grabbed all of our materials then. We found that to be the best deal out there. They usually have this sale a few times from May to September.

  2. Rona will match price from any competitor.

  3. I loved Home Depot when building our fence and renovating the deck. Probably not the cheapest, but the service and selection is the best I found

  4. Anita McGinn Anita McGinn says:

    Home Depot meets & beats by 10% and they have their 10% off or 18 months with $299 or more purchases using their credit card until next week.

  5. I build fences for a living so don’t build a fence with 4×4 post and I would suggest that you buy 4x6x10post or 6x6x10 post depending on the area you live at because their is a fence requirements that needs to match other fences in the neighborhood and I buy my material from my supplier and my cost is alot cheaper than home depot and lowes and the prices on lumber product also went up

  6. Timber town best price and service used them for deck and fence material only save like 8000 compared to home Depot or Lowe’s


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