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Just to get this out of the way from the get go: I want you to know, that I know, that Facebook is not a doctor, google or a proper form of medical advice. I also want you to know that I do have an appointment scheduled with a doctor, but it won’t be for another month. So let’s all be adults and skip those comments.
I simply want to know if any women here have experienced what I’m going to explain, and if so – what happened? Should I be worried?
Here’s what’s going on: about 6 months ago I noticed I was having a dull ache that would come and go, in/around my right ovary. My GP quickly said it was just hormones and never checked on it. It never really came back again so I didn’t think about it after. During the month of December this dull ache came back and has stayed the whole month, hurting some days more than others and has a burn pain now. It’s not a crazy pain, I can tolerate it- but it’s annoying and uncomfortable and now more constant. I’m also experiencing more severe mood swings -especially during PMS, Gas and fatigue.. Anyone ever had this?
If it’s of any importance, I’m in my early 30’s, have kids, clockwork menstruation cycle, only one sexual partner in my life- married him (he has no other partners/no red flags) so I doubt it’s an STI. Not pregnant.

I appreciate you reading this, thanks in advance females of shoutout!


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  1. All I can say is DO NOT let them say nothing is wrong. Get an ultrasound done for that area and if nothing shows up get them to do more tests. This sounds similar to what I had – and having left it for as long as I did, I could have died. I had to change family doctors to be taken seriously, but it was indeed very serious. I’m not saying this to scare you, just saying it to make sure your doctor doesn’t make you feel stupid for your pains. My first doctor did, and if I listened to him I’d be long dead at least 2 years ago. Good luck dear ❤️

  2. I have a fibroid on my uterus. I get dull pains in the same area. If it gets worse go to emerg and youll get an ultrasound done. Pain gets worse around my time of the month and it also makes my period more painful.

  3. My first thought was ovarian cysts. I get them and it’s the worst. They do follow the cycle of ovulation and menstruation, so it could “go away” by the time your appointment comes and be back a week later. If they “find nothing”, keep pestering.

  4. Could be a cyst.
    I get floating cysts start out by my ovaries and work their way down my fallopian tubes then burst and it burns like hell.
    Make sure you see a doctor who listens and ask for an ultrasound to double check for any type of cysts.

  5. Could be many things. They might want to take a look at your digestive system, too. Wishing you luck.

  6. It could be many things. Some things you should worry about more than others. I have PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) and I am prone to ovarian cysts. Super painful primarily when I am ovulating which does not happen often. It could be a side effect from a prescribed drug which isn’t as concerning. Your dr will send you for an internal ultrasound which is not comfortable but it isn’t super bad. I would also recommend getting a PAP to rule out cancerous cells or an STD.

  7. Ellie Marie Ellie Marie says:

    Are you on a progesterone mini pill by chance? I had this exact problem with the mini pill.

  8. Could be something like fibroids.

  9. Could be ovarian cysts or polyps ( not cancer) that get inflamed or rupture during your ovulation cycle. Make a note of when the pain starts and stops…. and YES talk to your DOCTOR.

  10. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    Oh and try not to panic if it is a cyst. It is very very common.

  11. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    Hi there, it can be hard to compare as it could be many things. My rough guess is PCOS or IBS. I’m hopeful your doc will send you for an ultrasound.

  12. glad you are going to see a doctor. DO NOT let the Dr. dismiss your symptoms or concerns. Ensure you are getting ALL the necessary tests done. it may be a cyst, it may be something more. I hope not to scare you, but just trying to say to advocate for yourself and your health.

  13. Nora Yaghi Nora Yaghi says:

    It can be so many things. If it’s a specialist you’re seeing next month try to get your GP to give a requisition for a pelvic ultrasound.
    Keep a diary of the pain, where it hurts, when it hurts, when it hurts more, if anything seems to make it better or worse.

  14. Cyst.. I had one and by the time it got diagnosed it was twice the size of my ovary.

  15. Similar pain to what I had! I had cysts on my ovaries. The pain can get pretty intense as they get bigger… had them removed (day surgery) and have not had another one. Hope this helps!

  16. It maybe Polyps?? I had the same thing and not serious but good to get checked out.

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