Worst Avon Lady ever!

There is a reason people hate mlm. My friend ordered something from this lady who seemed nice on the phone. She showed up to deliver and since then refusing to take her calls.
She makes a big thing out of nothing and posted on her facebook page but it’s one sided.
She came to deliver but my friend spent money so she wouldn’t just give her the item. For crying out loud it is just $50 not a rent payment. But no she makes it a point that she is expecting payment.
My friend’s son was sleeping and he heard voices. Yea so he was half asleep and didn’t know what was going on. He just reacted. Next thing she knew is the rep took off. Yes my friend’s son pushed her out the door but he was half asleep. Yes she fell off maybe but he didn’t know she was handicapped. She should’ve said so. You don’t just leave, you work out an issue. He is not a violent guy, he heard new voice he was half asleep so he reacted to get the person out of their home.
Now she posted on her page that she was pushed out of the home and they took her item. It is a $50 purchase, what is a freakin deal? If she likes her creams she will order more and give to friends. What happened to good customer service when the rep came and cared about a customer. She cares about getting paid. For a small thing, its a write off for her but makes a happy customer.

Next thing she did is report theft and assault? And now she blocked calls saying she refused to provide future service. And writes it on her page.
It is about customer being right. Customer being happy. This rep is failing at it. No wonder mlm businesses are trashed. Try people skills.
My friend likes avon. She would have paid for it some point or at least recommend friends. Make it a big deal for nothing. She claims it is her income but avon is a hobby. So at least learn to lie. Don’t claim customers are important if you turn them away.

My friend is looking for a rep that will actually be a normal one. If you sell avon and deliver please contact.

This rep is terrible. Go to someone who will care.

(Admin’s Note: Sorry, the screenshot OP provided will not be shared.)



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  1. Doug says:

    Wait, so your “friend” has a son who pushed an Avon lady out of the house and didn’t pay for merchandise…..AND now you feel like it’s the Avon lady’s fault that she doesn’t want to go back for more? Ok then.


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