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[8 Videos] Soooo, did y’all see that meteor in Edmonton’s sky tonight? 🤯

Dang! This thing lit up the entire night’s sky!

I didn’t see it personally, but check out these 8 videos captured by Edmontonian’s doorbell cameras!

Did anyone spot it or have any other videos of this occurrence? If so, you should share it with us in the comments below!



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  1. Yes I thought I was crazy !!!it looked like it went down SE

  2. Saw it in Peace River…

  3. It lit up Fort Saskatchewan to and a very loud bang afterward. Braking the sound barrier

  4. Judy Chamzuk Judy Chamzuk says:

    Saw it on a side road by Barrhead, what an incredible site

  5. We saw it in Bruderheim. It was amazing to see!

  6. Yup we were under it when it came through

  7. Joe Kennedy Joe Kennedy says:

    Paul Kennedy theres the helicopter

  8. Joe Kennedy Joe Kennedy says:

    Brendan Kennedy Hannah Valens

  9. Wes Minogue Wes Minogue says:

    Watch the reflection on the windshield

  10. Carol Rands Carol Rands says:

    Haidee Rands Lauren Rands

  11. My cameras didn’t pick up anything. They face west

  12. Janet Rode…..there was a meteor last night!

  13. Shauna Rae Shauna Rae says:

    Nick Koncur we really missed out

  14. What time did this happen? I think I might have seen the glow, thought it was lightning as I was facing away from where it happened.

  15. I saw it, while out for a walk.

  16. Yes I seen it, big fireball in the sky, very cool!

  17. Right under the thing was amazing. Burnt up say 150′ up.

  18. Southeast Edmonton and it was unbelievable!

  19. I saw a bright sky through the window but I wasn’t sure what it was

  20. Thays Santos Thays Santos says:

    Yes yes i saw it! It was amazing!

  21. I was out by Ardrossan and saw it fly over. It was SO bright! Huge ball of fire. Then we felt the ground Shake a bit and heard a boom. Kinda sounded like thunder. It was very cool, but kinda scary.

  22. Jess Gates Jess Gates says:

    Totally saw it! One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!!!

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