Yelling at the police

I was filling up at the Superstore gas station on Calgary Trail today when I noticed the Sheriffs were having some sort of meet and greet in the parking lot. It didn’t take long for a middle aged overweight white male to come along and to start yelling at one of the Sheriffs. I don’t know what he was yelling about, they were too far away for the words to be clear, but it made me wonder.

Why is it whenever a person of colour is shot, murdered, assaulted, etc. by the police keyboard warriors are always of the point of view that you should listen to and obey the police and street-side execution is a reasonable punishment for failure to comply.

Yet the same low income, poorly educated white people who are willing to support these extra-constitutional executions are always more than willing to yell at cops themselves and complain about speed traps, school zones, and law and order in general?



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  1. You’re confusing canada with the united

  2. What a waste of a post.

  3. As someone who works in security and deals with meth heads all day this is bullshit. I’m.becoming a sheriff and guess why because I dislike the way alot of them.treat innocent people. As for the bullshit your talking you have no idea wtf your talking about. Everyone sees videos of “police brutality” everyone hates police and security guards due to the media and all the bullshit. Do you know what it’s like to constantly have eyes in the back of your head because 99% of the population hates your guts and thinks your like all the shit bag cops? Do you know what its like to deal with people high on drugs every day,or trying to kill you? Nah so stfu bud. Not all of us are abusive peaces of shit! And half.the shit you see on doesnt show the whole story. Dont get me wrong theres alot of shit cops, sheriff’s and security guards but doesnt mean where all leaves of shit. Get over your self

  4. Pihêsiwiskwew Ocicâhk as individuals, we shouldn’t be held accountable for what other people did thousands, hundreds or even just mere years ago based on our skin tone. Most of us want change and equality for everyone.

    On a side note, you are super pretty!

  5. Debbie Ryder Debbie Ryder says:

    “low income uneducated white person”. How do you know that

  6. Okay…so did you write all of this to, in summary, say that the police are racist, and white people know they’re racist, so, because we know they’re racist, we do things that PoC could never get away with doing because of our white privilege?
    Yeah, no shit…anyone who follows the news/investigative journalism knows that huge systemic racism and systemic sexism problems have been found even within the RCMP itself…white male officers don’t even treat other officers who happen to be PoC or women with the same respect they treat their other white male officer dude-bros. The whole system is corrupt and every officer is complicit, as they continue to enforce unjust laws.

  7. Honestly? You have nothing but propaganda in your head for this unfounded accusation

  8. It’s the eternal excuse that no one wants to argue for fear of being called a racist…..

  9. Can anybody tell me what the O.P.’s point is? I can’t even tell whose side they’re on.

  10. Black , white or yellow , the only good cop is a dead cop! FTP !

  11. maybe this is something you should ask your therapist.

  12. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    Yup thought so. Your the one with racial issues! Good luck in life lol

  13. How high are you? Babblers I tell ya

  14. Tiffany Blue Tiffany Blue says:

    So, you couldn’t hear sh!t. Yet, somehow this is about race?? This post says more about you then the male in the story. Next!

  15. Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

    Yeah these arbitrary executions of POC in Canada are reaching epidemic proportions, something MUST be done!

    Oh sorry I meant CALIFORNIA, because that kind of shit doesn’t happen here.

  16. Granted there are some very racist cops out there.. will be shot REGARDLESS of color if
    A. You don’t listen
    B. You reach for something and they believe it’s a weapon
    C. You shoot first

    I’ve watched so much Live PD and I can’t believe how many people out there can’t follow instructions. Doesn’t matter what color u are, u don’t listen you get shot or tasered.

  17. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    Wtf y’all talking about?! Like wow.

  18. Persons of colour are not shot by police in Canada.

    • Lynne Snyder Smith Are you including First Nations in that blanket statement?

    • Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

      Hey Heather, are YOU? Pretty sure “persons of colour” covers Natives. I’m also trying really hard to understand your point, so if you wouldn’t mind citing the statistics and sources you’re relying on for that statement and a brief explanation of just what the hell you’re talking about I’d really appreciate it.

    • what a racist post if it you disrespect police you get what’s coming go compare us the the states yes police arrest more people of color on tv but not the real Canada

  19. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Might be white ,not low income and also educated so the person who wrote this we are all not like you!

  20. Why does everything have to be about RACE, like seriously. We need to seriously stop labeling people by the colour of our skin. Reading things like this annoy me beyond no end

  21. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    And there’s so many coloured people shot by EPS….. Could you not cherry pick data? Did you know, that in the US, police shoot almost twice as many white men as they do black men. Almost twice as many… but that statistic is ignored because it doesn’t fit a certain narrative…

  22. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    I was at the gas station all day, this incident never occurred.

  23. What are you babbling on about? I’m confused what you’re actually getting at. Are you mad at the person yelling at police (which you did not hear what was said) or that people think it’s ok for police to use lethal force when necessary? You’re all over the map….

  24. Let me guess, you’re the poorly educated white people?

  25. Ahhh it’s the race card puller.

  26. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    It’s almost like you’re conflating two entirely different groups of people, and being casually racist at the same time?

  27. Why does it seem like this page is only trying to stir up s*** lately all this rhetoric. 2 post from the same site but supposedly different people bad-mouthing the police it’s starting to feel like whoever’s running this page is a crazy old cat lady who likes to stir up s***

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