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Yield means yield not merge!

PSA – The 90ave turn onto 50th street southbound is a yield not a merge! Every single time I drive through there people try to merge into 50th street traffic when there is clearly a yield sign there…

I’m not obligated to let you in. You need to wait until traffic has cleared until you proceed onto 50th street. No need for dirty looks or giving me the finger. Pay attention to your surroundings!



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  1. I usually flow right in there if I can

  2. How about the free flow lane on 114street onto Fox. Time and time again. People stop and cause accidents.

  3. A HUGE pet peeve for me as well.

  4. There are some Edmonton traps designed by stupid traffic engineers that are dangerous. I am not sure about this location but it sounds like one of them. When they make two lines merge and put a yeld sign on the left lane they really ignore the visibility. With a box truck it is impossible to see vehicles travelling in the right lane.

  5. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    Aka clueless and stupid braindead people

  6. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    Lol, people are dumb!

  7. Michelle Prinsen omg THIS drives me insane!I actually had a man get out of his car and walk over to the sign and stare at it once while yelling at his wife he didnt understand what it meant…

  8. I’m surprised more people aren’t also annoyed with this! Sure, OP could just let it go and carry on with their day. But really, it is frustrating and dangerous to see people daily who don’t understand how to read and follow road signs. It really isn’t that hard.

  9. Arthur Sk Arthur Sk says:

    So change lanes and let people merge.. dont see the issue

  10. Donna Brown Donna Brown says:

    Exact thing I wanted to post today and many days !! It happens to me weekly. The lane coming off 66st taking you to the merge lane has a Yeild !!sign .so mAny days I almost get run Into because drivers think they have the right away and do not slow and yeild they just speed up and give me the angry look as they speed out in front.

  11. Dean Rogal Dean Rogal says:

    Perhaps you were in the inside lane with no one in the other and had the opportunity to allow that person in but chose not to, because after all you are a Edmonton driver.

  12. Xavier Paddy Xavier Paddy says:

    & this is why i like to keep my facebook deactivated. Literally tired 0f the shit i read.

  13. Some place have yield signs that makes it impossible to get into traffic. There one going off Gretzky onto the yellow head that has a yield sign. Good luck ever getting into the yellow head during rush hour if you yield. For the most part I do agree

  14. Maybe they are from Montreal! In Montreal they treat every single yield as a merge. Terrifying. Their “yield” signs are on major arteries that have 100km speed. Imagine yielding on the whitemud or the henday….

    • Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

      Amanda Hoffman although its a merge onto henday and whitemud, traffic on the freeway has right of way. If you cannot merge you the vehicle in the merge must stop and wait for someone to let you in. So really merge and yield are almost the same thing. That’s why I always leave space for cars merging. Its better to let them in than force someone to stop on that kind of merge.

    • Yes obviously. But that’s a very rare scenario. I think the point is that ppl are not yielding at all. When they should.

    • Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

      Amanda Hoffman do most people know the difference? Or even what they both mean?? Lol

  15. I’m in that area also….I agree with you

  16. And from 112 ave going north on Wayne Gretzky drive as well. Idiots.

  17. I be more worried about the morons driving around at night with no lights on.but yeild and merge to defferent things .it wouldnt bother me enough to rant about it id let them in smile and go on with my day….

  18. There’s a few places in this city where there is a yield sign and people treat it as a free flow or merge. And vice versa. It’s very frustrating !

  19. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Or, ya know … now and then, don’t be a total dick. Let someone in for a change. Give a smile and a wave, no not with one finger. It just might make someone’s day. They have the same goal as you … headed home.

  20. Have you ever called of zipper merging ??? Do some research on it and smarten yourself up to it.

  21. Lisa Rayman Lisa Rayman says:

    Agreeeeeed all of 50th street….stop signs and yields are taken as suggestions

  22. So what do you think is the difference between yield and merge?

    • Yeg Finn Yeg Finn says:

      Merge means you don’t need to stop is there is a car approaching (like a free flow lane)

    • Joel Robinson if you need to ask that I really want you to turn in your license.

    • Yield is to slow down, wait and stop if necessary for on coming traffic. Merge is to build up speed and enter a line of traffic.

    • Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

      Joel, I appreciate you clarifying all this BEFORE you got your license. Unfortunately not many other people have your perspicacity.

    • Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

      Joel, I appreciate you clarifying all this BEFORE you got your license. Unfortunately not many other people have your perspicacity.

    • Have a look at the 2 intersections off of Whitemud. 50st from east bound to southbound is a yield (only proceed when you have a clear lane). 91st east off of whitemud to southbound is a short merge (if there are cars traveling southbound on 91st already they have to make the same accommodation to let the car merging form whitemud exit, But the car going from east to south needs to match speed of cars traveling south already).

    • i have no idea why you even asked such a question… the OP’s post was very clear.

    • Marlene Fabiola because this is Facebook and people can ask questions if they want to

    • Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

      Joel Robinson maybe it can be explained this way. A yield sign means yield the right of way to the oncoming traffic. Go when it is safe to do so. Stop when needed to yield. A merge sign means that both the oncoming traffic and the one entering the flow of traffic have an equal responsibility to either speed up or slow down allowing the merging of traffic into one lane.

  23. There should be an Edmonton Vent page. Because this is what this post is. It won’t change a damn thing. Just drive and give the finger back. Why are you even looking at the drivers reactions anyway? Just drive.

  24. Stacey Adams Stacey Adams says:

    You know that’s not what Edmonton drivers are about!

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