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You Agreed

When you give money to homeless people……

You have agreed to put a needle in their arm.
You have agreed to put a drink in their hand.
You have agreed to put crack in their pipe.
You have agreed to pay for their drugs and alcohol.
You have agreed to perpetuate begging and the risk of aggressive entitlement and therefore the risk of harm to innocent ppl who say no to panhandling.
You have agreed.

If that were your loved one on the street wouldn’t you want someone to feed them, house them, clothe them and guide them? Rather than give them money to sustain their addictions that will eventually kill them?

You teach your kids that they must earn money.
Yet you show them that others are paid tax free dollars for begging and likely make more than you. Think about it. $5 even just 10 X in one hour = $50. $50 X just 3 hours = $150/day. X 5 days = $750/week. X 4 weeks = $3000…..clear. Some give less, some give more.

Give that $1, $5, $10, $20 DIRECTLY to places that will help them. They will feed and house them.

**If these places don’t give them money to buy drugs and alcohol……….why are you?**

Just google shelters or places that help: Boyle Street, Hope Mission, Mustard Seed, Yess, WIN House, Salvation Army, Bissell Ctr, Homeless Connect and any others you can find.
Sure it’s within you to give, but are you really helping them?



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  1. Howard Atkinson says:

    When my daughter was about 8 years old we were having a conversation about what we would do if we ever won a big lottery. She told me that one thing she would do is go downtown and give $100.00 each to any homeless people she met. I told her that they would probably just go buy alcohol with it and she said, well at least they would be happy for a little while. I learned a lesson from my young daughter that day.

  2. Lol wtf I can bet some entitled Karen wrote this after witnessing some good samaritan giving money to someone in need.

  3. I’ll give my money to who I want to. Thanks.

  4. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    I have given 5.00 and he headed right for mcdonalds .. so NOT all of the are raking in good probably .. do they all know about these places where they can go for free .. I did not know them .. here are places where they can go and get a free bus pass through city .. Bissell Centre
    10527 96 Street

    Boyle Street Community Services
    10116 105 Avenue NW

    Boyle Street Education Centre
    10312 105 Street

    iHuman Youth Society
    9635 102A Avenue

    Jasper Place Wellness Centre
    15210 Stony Plain Road

    The Mosaic Centre
    12758 Fort Road

    Native Counselling Services of Alberta
    10975 124 Street

    The Neighbour Centre
    7221 104 Street NW

    Old Strathcona Youth Society
    10325 83 Avenue

    Youth Empowerment Support Services
    9310 82 Avenue

    If a pass is stolen or lost, someone may have turned it in at the ETS Lost and Found located at the Edmonton Service Centre at 10111-104 Avenue or call 780-496-1622.

  5. Letting someone die from withdrawals, also isn’t helpful, funnily enough.

  6. What I do with my money is my business, and what they do with it after I give it to them is theirs. Assuming all homeless people are alcoholics or drug addicts is so incredibly narrow minded. There is an elderly gent who holds out his hat by Corona station and once a week or so I’ll drop him a buck. We have a nice chat. It’s called community engagement. Get some.

  7. It’s amazing how many people give to these people thanks for feeding their addictions

  8. I would rather give my money to them then people that are sitting at home on welfare

  9. This is probably the best post I’ve read all year.

  10. Op is getting dabbed on, the musical.

  11. Because it’s none of my business on what they do with the money. Sometimes it’s the interaction with them that does more than the money itself. It doesn’t teach kids they get tax money, it’s teaching them compassion and that people are in different stages and that we shouldn’t judge and show kindness and respect instead. I given change and I’ve given food neither have had a negative reaction more of positive. It just depends we’re I am

  12. Debbie Ryder Debbie Ryder says:

    Not all.homeless people are drug addicts or alcoholics. Nothing wrong with giving someone a few bucks with the intention of buying food or a drink. I’m certainly not responsible for how they choose to spend it but the intention of giving makes people feel good.

  13. The police have signs up saying do not give money to panhandlers. Why?

  14. As a min of a child who struggles with addictions I thank everyone who took time to help him in anyway during that time of his life. As for the OP you need to get a clue.

  15. Coffee or a meal but never cash

  16. If thats how much they make I gotta find myself a street to roam

  17. WOW !!! Judgemental maybe !?!?

  18. AW Smith AW Smith says:

    Give me a fucking break.

    All we agreed to was to give unconditionally & show a little compassion. You should try it some time.

  19. A gift is a gift. You have no say in how it is used.

  20. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    You’d almost have a point if the city had a Wet Shelter.

  21. Then don’t give them money give them food give them clothes or health care items gift cards to a certain store I give hoodies away every winter and my daughter and I make food bags with sandwiches and etc in them.

  22. If you personally know anybody who is addicted, you might come to realize that addiction truly is a disease and not a choice. No one chooses to be an addict. Absolutely no one.

  23. Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

    It’s not my business what they spend it on. I AGREE to nothing I give it unconditionally (when I can). How privileged of you to assume and dictate what a human being who has NOTHING spends that money on. You’re agreeing to judge and believe all homeless are addicts or that all addicts are homeless.

  24. JC Wilson JC Wilson says:

    And I thought shoutout sudbury was bad…

  25. Gabey Gab Gabey Gab says:

    Don’t tell me what to do with my money OP

  26. This is simply a rant from the uneducated, move along…..

  27. I hope the OP realizes, that most canadian two income homes are only one paycheck away from homelessness. Todays society is tough for most. Until you go down town and speak with these people, youll never know their stories.

    Bring them some bottled water and a snack, open your mind and sit down and listen… that extra $3 bucks you offer is the difference in a pair or two of warm,clean, dry socks or walking in the nasty ones theyre left with. Dont be so quick to judge.

  28. I will buy them a meal or coffee , a few bucks here and there and also scarves , mitts , socks , etc . BUT i do not give to the ones standing in the intersection with signs . The ones i see walking around actually working at looking for bottles are not begging. I approach them with things so if I want to help someone out Thats my business .Have a Heart

  29. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    You DO realise that all of us are just run of bad luck away from being right there with them, right? And that not all homeless people are addicts, or became homeless due to addiction? Maybe you should sit your judgmental ass down; I’m sure the view from the top of your self-righteous ivory tower will still be lovely.

  30. I do give and hope it makes their day a little easier.

  31. Do homeless people who don’t deal with addiction exist in this universe?

  32. I tell them to get a job

  33. Shut the fuck up, Karen.

  34. Jenny Proulx Jenny Proulx says:

    This is so ignorant I couldn’t read past the first bit. Hopefully you dont end up in their shoes one day. Then you’ll learn

  35. Your privilege is showing.

  36. For one you make a lot of assumptions. When I was homeless, I didn’t drink or do any kind of drugs. I lost my place due to mold and couldn’t afford to get a place. So please dont assume homeless people are all drug addicts or alcoholics

  37. There are more than addicts in need of help. I will donate as I see fit. Abused woman with children, single teenage mothers, seniors who can’t afford to eat. I do not discount the addiction epidemic but there are a lot of people in need.

  38. Madison Werner
    Madison Werner
    Madison Werner

  39. Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

    Judgy bitch thinks all homeless people are addicts. What a naive thing to think. Agreed giving a sandwich is more helpful than cash however I know many a person down on their luck who isnt addicted to alcohol or drugs

  40. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    I used to have this mentality. However I don’t anymore. I don’t care what they use it for. If that’s what gets them through the cold lonely night outside then so be it. They don’t have anything, if that is the one and only joy they have then again, so be it. If I give someone something I don’t do it conditionally. Not to mention not every homeless person is an addict. Many of us are one paycheque away from being homeless at all times. It’s really easy to judge sitting on a high horse.

  41. Or maybe you just fed them because they haven’t eating in days not all homeless are drunks and drug addicts you fucking duchebag

  42. They have a lot of resources for food, clothing and shelters if they want. Hope mission and the bissel will help the ones that want the help. There are programs in place to sober up or help with addiction. I never give money. I will give food and water.

  43. Tom Edward Tom Edward says:

    I’m not responsible for anyone but myself and my family
    And I give a couple bucks to people all the time.
    I’m sure they appreciate it.

  44. Leslie Ann Leslie Ann says:

    Um not all homeless are addicts some are sick and the government won’t help them. Hell shelters sometimes won’t even. We had a homeless lady in our neighborhood she couldnt work because she needed a hip replacement and couldnt walk she was not am addict by any means

  45. You are right in that one should not give money. Directing to services or giving food is better. I do disagree about the portion where all homeless are categorized as one. There are street homeless but not all homeless are on the street. Also not all panhandlers are homeless.

  46. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    I never give money. But I will buy food or coffee. Come with me into the store or timmies, pick your own meal with dignity.

  47. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    Why do you assume they’re all drunks. Fuck you!

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