Zebra Child Protection Centre Support

I know a family who has been struggling with accessing resources, and I am left feeling bewildered and disappointed. I have heard many wonderful things about the Zebra Centre, but am curious if anyone else has experienced difficulties with them denying support. The family went to them a year ago, the investigator spent only 15 minutes with the child, stood above her when talking, his demeanor was almost threatening. I work with children so I understand how you need to build a relationship and get on their level. After the 15 minutes of her not responding to him out of feeling uncomfortable, he stated there was no issue, and they closed the file. Now a year later, more allegations came up from the children, the family got referred to Zebra again, after talking to the police and they refuse to talk to the children as they say the case is closed. I am beyond frustrated as this family does not no where else to go, as anywhere else says they need a disclosure before they can work with the kids, but how are they supposed to disclose if nobody will try to talk to them? The police can’t investigate, they say it HAS to go through Zebra. I felt like they were cheated and let down. I am concerned and worried, and was curious if anyone else out there have had a similar experience as I want to find other options, or maybe even just hear if it has happened to anyone else before. Thank you so much for your time.

– Concerned



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