Zoe’s Animal Rescue Positive Review

I have heard of rescues and the good work they have do.. but not until I decided to add two beautiful bundles of fluff to my life did I realize all the amazing work the rescue groups do for all the precious animal without a voice. My roommate and I decided we wanted to rescue 2 kittens.
After spending time at Safe Team rescue and having Kirby (The operator) answered all of mine and my roommate’s questions about rescues and what they do, I went home and started doing a bit more research on adoptions… I added all the rescues pages to my Facebook account , and I saw them.. From the moment I saw their beautiful faces on the “name that kitten” contest on Zoe’s facebook page I knew they were the ones I wanted to love forever. (Which I pledged money to right away to give them the names I had planned for them in hopes that the universe would make it happen.. Karl was then named but Kevin was “Elliot” for the first couple weeks)

I wasn’t fully aware of the depth the rescues went to make sure the animals they rescue go to safe loving home of people who fully understand that a fur baby is not a “for now” pet.. it’s a “forever pet”.
After I filled out the application (April 10) online then proceeded to contact the online admin to make sure she got is and it was for those 2 stunning boys. We stayed in contact over the next few weeks until the adoptions actually opened up as the boys weren’t ready to go to their new forever home just yet.
Once the adoptions were open.. The ball was rolling..(April 21th) I had my meet and greet with my potential fur babies to see how we would get along. The poor things were so scared but after some taunting with a fishing toy they were all excited and happily playing and getting into trouble like kittens do .. it was hard to believe how much you could love 2 kittens that much when you had only just met them .. but it was love at first sight



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  1. Zoe’s does amazing work. They work hard to support communities, and keep families together. I’ve called on them for help in the past, with feral cats. They helped willingly. We are so lucky to have this group of people in our communities!

  2. Crystal says:

    Zoe’s is an amazing rescue. They work tirelessly to make a difference in the community. They have a network of volunteers who work so hard and dedicate a lot of time to making a difference in animals lives! Thank you Zoe’s

  3. Thank you for your support

  4. Holly Foisy Holly Foisy says:

    Thank you for your support! I am so happy your boys have found such amazing forever home <3

  5. Candice Cole Candice Cole says:

    Zoe’s is the best!

  6. Thank you for adopting and saving 2 lives!


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